Hi, and welcome to my Hustlers University 2.0 review. 

Hustlers University has been shut down and is no longer available. However, the Tates have recently launched a relatively upgraded, rebranded version of HU called the Real World. Please feel free to read my full review on it.

Suppose you are thinking of buying Andrew Tates’ course. In that case, you must read this review, in which I not only list too many reasons why you should avoid it but also recommend a much better, more reliable alternative, which, by the way, is the same one that helped me start a successful business at just 19 years old and that continuously helps me to generate over $4,000 each month.

Important Update: Not too long ago, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were banned from almost all platforms. To avoid misunderstanding, I actually support them and what they stand for. However, I still believe their Hustlers University course is just a typical MLM – a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme. 



So, you want to learn whether Hustlers University is a scam? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s impartial review, I will walk you through my personal experience with the super controversial Hustlers University and share a myriad of reasons why I don’t believe this course is worth it. ~ there are a few of them. 

After all, I’ve been reviewing all kinds of make-money systems for years now, so I feel comfortable saying that I can easily recognize a hoax when I see one. 


The well-known Hustlers University…

…is, surprisingly, a discord channel founded by the contentious ex-kickboxing world champion and multi-millionaire Andrew Tate. It’s focused exclusively on teaching people how to make passive income online, mainly through options trading, stock analysis, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and crypto.


I decided to write a review on this course because…

…for the last couple of weeks, I’ve continuously been getting at least one to two comments daily from people who claim that they can significantly improve my content’s quality with some never-before-seen strategies and how all of this will contribute to increased website traffic, brand awareness, sales, etc.


While there’s nothing wrong with that…

…I became highly suspicious when I noticed that they were all using the same outreach template, which is why I investigated them and their ill-conceived tactics more thoroughly. I was desperately dying to know who had taught them these stupid sales tactics, which, from experience, don’t work 99% of the time. 

The level of English proficiency for most of these tricky salesmen wasn’t that great, and nearly %80 weren’t native speakers, which is usually the case with people that enroll in courses that promise overnight riches. Just as I know you don’t have to be a pro to write good copy, I also know that a lousy template like this usually indicates that a lot of people have been scammed by someone. 

Hustlers University reviewThey were secretive for some reason, but after going back and forth with a few of them, one guy finally mentioned Andrew Tate and his Hustlers University. Believe it or not, since I’m a big UFC fan, back in 2016, I had the chance to attend the Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva fight in London, where I met Andrew. 



Back then…

…as a recent mechanical engineering graduate, I worked in a Mediterranian restaurant in Watford, and Andrew wasn’t as nearly the hotshot as he is today. He was still famous for participating in the reality show Big Brother, but he was not some unprecedented megastar as he likes to present himself nowadays.

Honestly, it surprised me that he got involved as an educator in the online world because the last time I spoke to him, he had completely different plans and goals. I was genuinely interested in what he had to offer, so I decided to join his controversial course and find out if Andrew really chose the right path in life.

After spending nearly three weeks digging through it and seeing what it has to offer, I’m fully prepared to share my experience with you, ultimately helping you determine if it’s legit, if so, how much money can you really earn, and whether or not it’s a suitable course for you at this given time. ~ sounds okay?


Not just that…

…but I’ll also introduce you to a much better, more worthwhile alternative for making money online that, unlike Hustlers University, has existed for more than sixteen years now and has been voted the number one platform for building and growing a successful business online several times in the last decade. 

is Hustlers University a scamI’ll actually be introducing you to the very same step-by-step program that continuously helps me to generate over $4,000 each month. Thanks to this remarkable, well-laid-out program, I left my job in 2018 and have been making a full-time income working from home ever since. ~ free membership is available. 


Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source. 

Hustlers University 2.0 Review

The first thing you should know about Hustlers University is that it’s a complete and utter scam from start to finish. If you invest in the course and don’t listen to me carefully, you will lose your money and never get your investment back.


The course is not entirely useless, though.

You might learn a few things if you’re a beginner who’s never made a single dollar online, but for the most part, the lessons aren’t worth the monthly cost, and you can easily find the same information for free on Youtube and Google.

If you filter some of the bullshit this guy and his supposedly millionaire tutors say, you might take some value. Still, there aren’t any specific steps or instructions on growing and scaling a successful online business, and you must know that. 

The lessons are in no particular order and are very difficult to implement in real life. Most of the crypto strategies I tried were horseshit, and so was the FBA training. Most of the training was this basic PowerPoint presentation with an unknown voice lecturing in the background. ~ stupid stuff, to say the least. 

Honestly, it even seems that the “experienced” teachers who teach stock options trading have no idea how the market works. Despite supposedly being millionaires, most haven’t got their websites or LinkedIn profiles, suggesting that there’s something shady happening behind the scenes, which is concerning. 

On top of that, all the lessons are posted on Discord, and there aren’t any video lessons, which is unimaginable for a 21st-century course. Even worse, it’s very challenging to follow through with the tutorials because most classes don’t build off the previous lesson, making it almost impossible to clearly understand the big picture and what you’re supposed to do. ~ not how a course should be done. 

There aren’t any step-by-step instructions, is what I’m saying. Yes, you might learn a thing or two about conducting market research or discover the best three ways to analyze the Forex Market and whatnot. Still, you won’t be given any specific instructions on generating a sustainable, scalable, long-term income online. 


No start here, then do this and make sure you avoid this. ❌

The highly-skilled trades professor, supposedly hand-picked by Tate because of his knowledge, ability, and expertise, is an idiot. If you try to follow his weekly recommendations, you’ll most likely go broke within a month or two. For every ten recommendations, he makes, only one comes out the way it is supposed to. 

It seemed to me that he was clueless about what’s happening worldwide and how that affects the market. I’m not a great trader myself, but even I know there’s a vast difference between bull and bear markets. I think the guy was just used to trading in a bull market and forgot that we live in times when the economy is receding and where most, if not all, of the stocks are declining in value. 

is Hustlers University legit Suppose you’re utterly clueless on how this making money online thing works and still dead-set on giving this course a try. In that case, the most reasonable thing you can do is consume the material as much as you can within a month and then bail on it because I assure you that nothing worthwhile will come out of it. 


I can almost guarantee that this will not make you rich because, as mentioned at the beginning of this Hustlers University review, I’ve reviewed many of these “become a hustler” courses, and nearly all of them, if not all, are based upon low entry fees and bold empty, meaningless promises. It’s an insult to all hustlers.


I highly doubt that you’ll ever get your investment back, honestly. 🙂

Furthermore, everyone that says that this course is worth it is either a complete fool that doesn’t really understand that providing value is what truly sells or a Hustlers University affiliate that’s trying his best to earn some commissions by promoting the course. I’m sure you’ve seen many of them by now. 

All of the “unbiased” Hustlers University reviews you might have already seen by now are full of bias, affiliate links, and arguments that try to persuade you that $50 a month is all it takes to buy a Lambo by the end of the year.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of courses out there that will provide you with an enormous amount of value for the same amount, but all the legit ones are very open about how much time and effort it takes to become successful; plus, they don’t mention buying fast cars and luxury beachside villas.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online


Take a closer look at other Hustler University reviews. You’ll notice that they all follow a similar template: they try to lure you in by initially making you wonder if this university is a scam and a complete timewaster, then proceed to lie to you about how you can get rich, usually showing fake reviews and photos of cash. 

Just on TikTok alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of brand new channels with zero subscribers that praise the course beyond belief. All of them are created by students pursuing the affiliate marketing route inside Hustler University, which obviously indicates that the lessons inside are garbage. It makes me sick!


I wouldn’t even call them reviews; honestly, they are more like ads! 

Just stop for a minute and think about it. If this is what students are taught inside this “exclusive” platform, how do you expect something worthwhile to come out of it? Many signs suggest that Hustlers University is nothing more than a cleverly thought-out camouflaged scam, and from what I witnessed, you should seriously consider avoiding it at all costs. I know I will for sure.

is Hustlers University a pyramid schemeTake out the bold claims and Andrew Tates’ status, and you’re left with a platform that’s not so exclusive anymore and works exactly like a pyramid scheme. There are nearly 40 thousand members inside, but only a few brag about their earnings, meaning that the rest are hardly making any money, if at all. 



Why do I think that Hustlers University is a pyramid scheme? 

Well, when you sign up for the course, you’ll need to fill up a quiz, where they will ask you specific questions based on your financial situation and experience.

There are four options you can choose between: 

  1. Time poor and cash poor 
  2. Time rich and cash poor 
  3. Time poor and cash rich 
  4. Time rich and cash rich 

Based on your answers, they will recommend a field that they believe will bring you the most success, whether it’d be options trading or affiliate marketing.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, the issue comes when you realize that nearly %99 of the people that join Hustlers University are either absolute beginners with little money to invest or just absolute broke beginners.

This means that almost everyone is recommended the same route and presented the opportunity to get some of their money back by promoting the platform as affiliates. Now you know why Andrew Tate blew up so much in popularity lately and why there are thousands of TikTok videos of him all over the web. 


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an affiliate. 

I’ve actually made thousands of dollars thanks to this business model, and I highly suggest you learn all the skills that can and most likely will earn you your personal and financial freedom. It’s the approach that they take that really bothers me. I wouldn’t want them to teach me if I was a beginner; I’ll tell you that much. 


I’ve been making a full-time income as an affiliate working from home for nearly 8 years now and know what it takes to succeed. Supposе you want me to mentor you and guide you every step of the way until you achieve the same results as mine. In that case, please feel free to join me inside the platform that helped me start my successful affiliate marketing business at just 19 years old.



Here’s where it gets interesting.

After countless hours of researching, I learned that Andrew Tate uses a sleazy tactic to maintain his reputation online by striking Youtube channels that expose him for the swindler he is. With the help of DMCA, a protection and takedown service, he has removed at least 30 channels for supposedly stealing his content.


There are a lot of people talking about this online.

If this alone is not enough to convince you that Hustlers University is not worth it, I honestly don’t know what is. With a little effort, I’m sure you can gain a lot more knowledge on your own just from Google alone, so I would advise you not to waste your money and find other, more reliable ways  to earn money online.


It’s not like this is the only one.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the two brothers have hosted many shows and always do their best to hide their primary source of income. They’re doing this because they don’t want to let you know that you’re their business, and whatever they’re making, they’re making it because they’re pimping on you. ~ FACTS!

They can only keep Hustlers University functioning because they focus on quantity instead of quality. As long as they can trick new members into trying out the platform, this show won’t go away, which is basically a pyramid scheme.

No one is stopping you from having your own opinion about it. Still, when it’s all said and done, Hustlers University is just a cleverly designed corrupt money-making system based on recruiting an ever-increasing number of investors.


Is Cobra Tate a Scammer?

Before you go on to say that I only bash him, I want to let you know I actually like Andrew, and I consider him a hilarious guy. However, from a business standpoint, even though it doesn’t look like that, I believe that Hustlers University is a massive stain on his reputation, and he needs to be held accountable. I mean it. 


The only thing I genuinely despise about him is that he lies a lot. 

He lied about many things the first time we met, and from what I could see, he hasn’t changed not in the slightest. In fact, there are a lot of things he has lied about publicly that you can quickly learn about by searching on Google. 


Besides lying, he’s also very good at concealing the truth. 

Because his aura is mainly characterized by qualities considered manly and dominant, in several interviews, he very skillfully avoids answering about going bankrupt a few times in the past. He’s clever enough to know that admitting this will most likely damage the macho brand he worked so hard to build. 


Not only that, but he was never a true champion. 

The guy’s good at fighting would most probably kick my ass any day of the week, but it’s a fact his kickboxing career wasn’t impressive. Most of the opponents he fought were unranked guys will less than three wins on their resume.

He was an ISKA and Enfusion champion, but at that time, the sport and organizations weren’t as nearly as developed as they are now, and most of the guys he beat don’t even have their own Wiki pages. ~ they were dossers.


Besides his mediocre career…

… he’s also well-known for his shameful Forex course, which was a massive scam run by yet another moron. It’s like finding imbeciles to work from is his specialty. I haven’t personally bought that course, but hundreds of reviews say that it was terrible and that they lost a lot of money. Why would this course be any better? 

is CobraTate a scam Andrew is the man inside Hustlers University, and if you ever question his ways, you will get banned. This happened to me when I tried to expose him, so if you’re already a member, you might want to think twice about following in my footsteps. 


Even though Tate says he’s been making millions of dollars for years now, I can assure you that he’s lying because when I met him that night in London, he and his dumb*ss friends showed up in a cab and had hundred-dollar shoes on. 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on his brothels. 


Is Hustlers University a Scam?

Yes, Andrew Tates’ Hustlers University is a complete and utter scam from start to finish, and if you invest in it, you will most likely lose your money and never get your investment back. It’s based on low entry fees, bold, meaningless promises, and practically all the learning materials are horrible. Just because a self-proclaimed hotshot teaches doesn’t mean the class is good, okay?

Andrew Tate was unknown until recently, and he suddenly popped out of nowhere, which is usually the case with people who use deception to deprive honest folks of their money. Trust me; I’ve seen quite a few these past few years. 

If you head over to Google Trends and type in Andrew Tate, you will see that no one even knew him until recently. He quickly rose to fame by saying extremely out-of-pocket things and flashing his supercars, a strategy used by almost every con artist I’ve seen online over the last decade. ~ remember Tai Lopez? 

He even openly says he has connections to the Romanian mafia, making his courses even more trustworthy. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that he left the United Kingdom not because he wanted to transfer his business to Romania but because he had problems with the law in England, so he was forced to leave the country. You won’t see him mention that in his interviews. 

He has made most of his money by operating an adult webcam studio, where he openly states that he would get women to fall in love with him to the point that they would do anything he says and then get them on a webcam. This is basically the tactic he would use to get women to work for him for free. 

If you head to Google and search the definition of human trafficking, you’ll quickly realize that that’s exactly what he’s been doing. Unlawfully compelling people to an act to benefit from their work, usually by sexual exploitation, is known as HT. 

is Andrew Tate a scammer Both brothers, Andrew and Tristan, even say that the police know everything about them scamming people but can’t do anything about it. If you want to, please feel free to refer to this article that explains the whole scandal in detail. 



Oh, and please listen to this. 

On the Hustlers University website, Tate says that all of the professors earn between $10,000 and $500,000 a month. That is really a stupid thing for someone to say because if it were true, the lecturers would go on to create their own courses and not stick around to work for a paycheck. ~ just ridiculous, honestly. 

Andrew Tate runs a pyramid scheme, and he’s technically a genius. He has thousands of students under his belt, making millions of dollars by selling false dreams to people. He’s essentially an internet troll with a bad boy reputation, which makes money by having authority on things most guys desperately seek. 

Andrew Tate is completely the opposite in a world where people are scared to share their thoughts honestly, which is why so many people are drawn to him in the first place. Although he’s a polarizing figure, he’s not someone I would want to buy a course from. I only did it because I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, so I could write this Hustlers University review. ~ I hope you like it. 

Despite being a swindler, Andrew Tate is a smart guy that understands how things work in this attention-driven world, and that’s why he acts up nearly %99 of the time. He’s very well aware that his absurd claims will get him attention, ultimately resulting in more website traffic to his course and, therefore, sales. 


How I Make a Living Online

Trust me when I say that it’s possible to earn a four-figure salary working from home and, at the same time, have the freedom to work whenever you feel like it from just about anywhere. I’ve been doing it for years, and I’m sure anyone seeking positive change can achieve the same with the right amount of effort.


Thanks to the massive power of the internet…

…my life has truly changed for the better, and after long years of quiet desperation, I finally created an excellent work-life balance for myself. I’m not a special somebody, nor an expert at anything. I just happened to take advantage of an amazing opportunity that presented itself to me at not even the right time. If I could do it, so can anyone, including you, and I wholeheartedly believe this.


A few years ago, I could not have imagined that…

…I would cross the one hundred thousand dollars in sales mark one day. I want you to know this because I want to share with you the exact step-by-step program that helped me accomplish this and tell you that you can achieve the same, if not better, outcome with the proper determination and persistence.

is Hustlers University worth it Earning a full-time income working from home is possible, but it takes time. Anyone who says differently is straight-up lying to you or trying to lure you into buying his “never-seen-before” system. From experience, you will never make real money online if you stick with idolizing gurus like Andrew and Tristan Tate.


At the end of the day, who am I to say what’s right and wrong? I only have like 7 years of experience and have been scammed at least a hundred times.

I believe it’s about time I end this Hustlers University review, so hopefully, my facts and arguments were enough to convince you that CobraTate is a scammer. If you feel like I’ve missed out on something or want to ask me anything, please feel free to comment below. I’m a busy guy, but I usually reply within 24 hours.





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