Dynata Review

Is Dynata a Scam? An Easy Survey Part-Time Job From Heaven?

If you are a teenager or a retiree reading this, perhaps you have been Googling if it’s really possible to earn by simply doing surveys online. 

Well, to help you out by pointing you in the right direction, allow me to share my honest review as I try to answer the question of whether Dynata is a scam or indeed a legitimate and paying online opportunity. 

As the year passes by, I bet that most of you are becoming more aware of the concept of finding a side hustle that actually pays well. 

Some of you might have started signing up with various financial newsletters like the Project Prophecy and Real Wealth Strategist with the hopes of understanding how trading works and how it can help in creating a more stable retirement fund in the future.

There are even those who have tried their hands on graphic designing and posted their designs on sites like Behance or probably attempted selling them through FiverrCafepress, and Zazzle

Don’t get me wrong. All of these can indeed be super profitable, but they sure as hell ask you to set aside time to learn the tricks of the trade. 

Dynata ReviewBe that as it may, if you hate committing to long-haul projects, then I guess you have been looking at paying online sites, right? 🤔


If you have been following this site, you must know that I have been reviewing opportunities on different websites and applications since I know for a fact that most people want something that is straightforward and can earn them some easy money. 

Today, some of the biggest names are LionbridgeAppenHogarthMommy JobsTeemwork, and Clickworker.

But what if I tell you that there is another simple way to make instant loot in just a few hours? It’s not about tutoring, nor does it work like day trading. It’s actually about complete online surveys. 

You see, for whatever the reasons may be, online surveys have always been considered as the go-to opportunity. 

Aside from the fact that you do not need to install software packages, you can also just use any gadget to redeem cash, gift cards, points, discount vouchers, items, and other perks that come along. 


But of course, survey sites also have their downsides. 👎

While it’s true that you can earn a quick buck, please be aware that it won’t be anything significant and that we’re merely talking about modest payouts. 

What I mean by modest are cash rewards that start around a few cents to about 30 dollars. It would help if you also considered that finding 30-dollar opportunities is difficult to qualify for since this usually involves very detailed criteria like medicine or psychology.

Additionally, please do note that there are also a lot of scams out there that are masking themselves as data centers in the hopes of fishing for your personal information.

Some even ask members to pay a certain amount to access the offer walls, but trust me on this: legitimate surveys will never ask you to pay for a single cent because they are the ones paying you for your time and effort.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

Now, if this is something that you are really interested in knowing more of, then buckle up as I present to you Dynata, one of the oldest online market research firms which capitalize on connecting companies with real people from across the globe.

However, before I continue with my review, allow me just to state here a very brief disclaimer that I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Dynata, so if you decide to go and sign up with their platform, that is entirely up to you.

I was not paid to write this post, nor does anyone sponsor me to write the truth about their service. What you will see here is just my honest take and nothing more. If that sits well with you, then off we go!


Dynata Review

Earning serious rewards and cash benefits are probably the reason why you are signing up with Dynata. The company has been in the business for quite a long time now, so you can already understand how structured their company policies are. 

The company was founded in 1999 by Harold Brierley and Mort Meyerson where it was called E-rewards. E-rewards have massively grown to the point that it could buy smaller businesses like Research Now in 2009 and Peanut Labs the following year. 

Just a few years ago, in 2019, the company had been renamed Dynata, which I believe is a play-word that refers to dynamic data, the bread, and butter of the company.

As we all know, there is so much money to make out of data, which is precisely the company’s value proposition. 

They provide various solutions to supply the wealthiest data and insights so the companies signed up with them can make better decisions. 

They are one of the biggest market research firms with around 62 million consumers and professionals willing to act as data points in exchange for some reward. They also have a global reach since the company is working from various locations in over 23 countries! 

Is Dynata LegitimateUnlike other companies who do not employ people from outside the United States, Dynata is actually on a rampant campaign to hire people from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bulgaria, Australia, and Italy! 👌


I support their decision and would say that it is a good thing since it shows that the data they provide is so rich and full of perceptions from people of different nationalities and walks of life. 

Additionally, they do not have that scheme where English-speaking countries are given more value for their opinions, because here, everyone gets paid in the same manner and rate!

As of writing, I found out that they are connected to the following brands (please note that some of their clients want to remain private, which is why I am only mentioning those who have been campaigned by Dynata for the last ten years):

  1. Google
  2. Roku
  3. TransUnion
  4. InfoSum
  5. Data Trust
  6. Experian
  7. LiveRamp
  8. L2
  9. TargetSmart
  10. Virgin Media
  11. Mindshare

Dynata is also a versatile type of firm since it provides solutions for various industries like automotive, technology, financial services, retail, healthcare, and advertising. 

I also found it pretty cool that they also work with political parties where they mainly use polls, focus groups, and even analyze behavior and opinion-making.

Basically, they provide all the solutions below and are always hiring for people interested in working in those fields:

  1. Research & Insights
  2. Audience Decisioning
  3. Campaign Effectiveness
  4. Advanced Analytics
  5. Advertising Services
  6. Automated Research
  7. Brand Trackers
  8. Connected Data
  9. Data Processing
  10. Digital Ethnography
  11. Online Qualitative
  12. Survey Programming
  13. Voice Services


The Big Question – is Dynata legit?

In terms of media presence, Dynata boasts around 3.8k followers on Facebook and around 9k on Twitter. 

I believe the reason behind the low numbers is that the company did not integrate all the likes from their other page from e-Rewards and Research Now. 

If they had used just one account instead, their followers would be around 11k to 15k. As of writing, it also has an A+ rating on BBB but a lousy 1k worth of complaints in the last three years. 

Based on my review of the complaints, all of those are regarding some glitch where the customers (the ones who took the surveys) couldn’t redeem their cash cards directly. Fortunately, most of these are already resolved, and Dynata was able to process the payments.


If you ask me, I would say that Dynata is legit. ✅

By simply going to Facebook, I was surprised to know that even some of the people I know have had experiences working with them not only by answering the surveys but actually getting a 9-5 job under them. 

Additionally, they have such a broad reach that some of my friends from the APAC region can firmly say that the company is complying with their countries’ policies.


How Does Dynata Work?

There are two ways by which I am going to answer this. 

You see, Dynata is a big company, meaning that if you’re planning to start an actual career with them, all you have to do is visit their site and go over their list of available positions depending on your country. 

The good thing here is that they are always open to recruiting more people, and you have chances to go and find the best environment.

For careers with them, you can choose between:

  1. Working in the call center arena.
  2. Working in the corporate. 

If you’re planning on taking part in any of the call center positions, you need to be sure whether or not they have offices in your country first since they don’t provide any remote jobs at the moment. 

You can visit this site to see the open positions such as technical support, generalist, supervisors, quality analysts, sales, support, and digital coordinators. Agents usually earn around $11 per hour and an additional bonus each quarter. 

The basic requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old, communicate in English fluently, and be able to comprehend and resolve clients’ questions and inquiries. 

Dynata also employs EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity, so you can rest assured that you’ll land a job regardless of your race, gender, age, color, religion, or medical condition.

For the corporate world, of course, the rate is different depending on experience and the position. As of writing, there are several open slots for project managers, HR administrators, account directors, and programmers.

For our favorite job, the survey panel, you have to choose from three panels. Unlike other companies, Dynata utilizes three-panel offerings: Valued OpinionsE-Rewards, and Web Perspectives

Is Dynata a scamThese three have distinct survey types and rewards, which is why I highly suggest that you sign up with three of them instead of just one. 🎁💝


Valued Opinions is one of the most extensive online surveys panel available in more than twenty countries. The rewards you can expect from this one are Amazon gift cards and discount vouchers. 

You can simply head over to their site, sign up with them, and wait for notifications if there are available surveys that are perfect for you and your personality.

On the other hand, E-Rewards allows you to snag some gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and even hotel points! 

The only downside here is that it is an invitation-online survey panel which means that most of the people here were invited via LinkedIn.

They recently revamped their site with a brand new “join” button, which still doesn’t work but may start to in the near future.


The last one is Web Perspectives which is exclusively for Canadians. 🇨🇦

It’s also good in a way since it allows you to earn gift cards, air miles, movie vouchers, and so much more. You just have to go to their site and sign up or simply connect your Facebook account for easy access.

The eligibility criteria for Dynata-based panels is that you must be at least 17 years old to register and participate in the surveys. 

Given the young demographics you are in, please note that you might not qualify with some of the surveys if this is your age. 

With this being said, I highly suggest that you look for other opportunities online and leave your account open in case there is an available panel.


Is Dynata A Scam?

Dynata is clearly not a scam as it works just like any other survey site. The only difference is that they are more professional since they’re connected with legitimate companies looking for real perspectives. 

Unlike Swagbucks or InboxDollars, you won’t find much marketing-related and spammy survey ads on the panel sites.

Of course, depending on your lifestyle and overall qualifications, the surveys and rates may vary. Some may encounter at least five surveys per day, while others may not even have one.  

With this, I recommend it only as a part-time hustle for people with spare time (ideal for teens) but not as a source of real money.

Suppose you are looking for legitimate ways to earn cash that can also turn into a complete source of passive income. 

In that case, why not try out an actual business model by joining my most recommended community and see for yourself how it can change your life by allowing you to secure your freedom and finance the dream you’ve always dreamt of. 

If you are up for that, continue reading below. 👇


How I Make A Living Online

Suppose you’re genuinely passionate about the idea of going online and becoming financially free. In that case, I’d personally advise you to stop wasting countless hours on survey panels and try your hands at an actual proven blueprint for success instead.

The one that I’ll be sharing with you here today is more viable, has more significant benefits, and is consistent to the point it can become your bread and butter as soon as you establish it on the right track.

It represents the same business model I’m dealing with, and there’s no doubt in my mind that you too can achieve and even surpass my results, but only if you pull out all the stops and do your utmost best.

While my way of earning online is considerably better than what Dynata offers, it’s also more challenging, but that shouldn’t worry you because it’s only a clear indication that there’s more money to be made.

Nothing ever happens quickly, and nothing is ever, ever easy at the end of the day. Most of all, you need to be aware that nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan and that you’ll likely experience some “bumps and bruises” along the way.

So, without further ado, I think it’s about time we skip the chit-chat so that I can adequately introduce you to my business line and show you the exact step-by-step blueprint of how I make a living online.

make money with Dynata SurveysTo better understand the entire process of how I bring home the bacon, I suggest you have a look at my money guide, as it precisely explains everything you’ve always wanted to know about making money online. 💸


It shouldn’t take you more than five-to-six minutes to finish the entire thing, and in it, I speak about some of the reasons that got me into this, mention a few obstacles that got in my way, and even share what I believe is the best way to get started for less than $1.38 per day.

Just to let you know, you can also take a completely free route, but I feel strongly about making that one-dollar investment since it will significantly speed up the learning and earning process.

Unlike other business models, this one is tailored for beginners as it’s easy to start with and does not require considerable upfront capital.

If you’re having a hard time believing that what I preach works, I highly recommend you read a few of these success stories and see for yourself how many like me and you managed to let go of their downright awful 9-5 and embrace a digital nomad life instead.

Like yourself, I also started from nothing and had a lousy beginning initially, which forced me to make a promise to myself that once I figured it out, I’d help all the upcoming struggling newcomers.

This is just me fulfilling that promise by offering to help you with the onboarding process personally and by sharing a few tips and tricks that I wish I had when I was a ‘freshman’ myself.

It might be time to end this review, so hopefully, I was able to give you the much-needed details about Dynata, including the answer to whether it is a total scam or not.

If you happen to have any inquiries, feel free to comment below, and as usual, I promise to give my best to get back to you on time.

If you think this post helped you out, please feel free to share it on social media and let your friends know about this opportunity. 👋



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