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Hi, and welcome to my Earth 2 review. 🙂

I am convinced that the following facts and arguments are enough to convince you that investing in this wondrous virtual world is not a bright idea after all. It would be great if you could read this review carefully to discover why I highly suggest you avoid buying and trading land on this “futuristic” planet. Thank goodness you came across this review because it would have been a pity for you to be one of the victims of this “skillfully-designed” pyramid scheme. 


So, you want to know whether Earth 2 is a scam? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, we’ll discuss and explore what is believed to be the most ambitious digital real estate project of the twenty-first century.


Although I’m well-familiarized with…

…what virtual worlds are and how they work, there is one world that has seriously caught my attention: the planet we will discuss today. I first came across Earth-Two entirely by accident a few months ago while scrolling on Facebook, and it’s safe to say that it piqued my interest, which made me take a deeper look into it.

In a few words, Earth 2 is a virtual version or copy, if you will, of our actual planet that allows users to buy and sell square tiles of land on an open marketplace.

If you visit the official website of this company, you will see that it is being portrayed as a metaverse or a futuristic concept for second earth, in which real-world geolocations are mirrored in an entirely new, creative virtual world that promises incredible financial opportunities in the near future. ~ these locations can be purchased, owned, customized, and later sold for a decent profit.

It’s undeniable that this mega project has experienced unprecedented growth and success since it first launched in 2020, but just because it was off to a good start does not mean it will end that way. It genuinely is an ingenious, never-seen-before concept, but you should know a few things about it before jumping in.


Earth 2 strives to be the digital twin of our planet. 🌎

Many people have invested nice hunks of change into 10 x 10m square-sized plots, making you wonder if this renowned project is legitimate or just another modern, well-thought-out, camouflaged pyramid schemeе you should stay away from.

There are many indicators that suggest that Earth 2 is a scam, which is one of the main reasons that led me to research this project and write this detailed study.

By the time you’re done with this Earth 2 review, you will have enough information to decide if it’s worth investing your precious savings in this digital world.

I have no connection with this company, nor with any of their competition, which means that I have no benefit if I lure you to put your hard-earned dollars into this.

This should assure you that honesty is all you will get from me, and I even encourage you to share your experience with this platform so that all my readers can see what this project really is and whether it is worth paying attention to.

is Earth 2 a scamAt the end of this post, I will also introduce you to a well-recognized business model which, unlike Earth 2, has already existed for a while, has been proven, and offers considerably safer, more noncontroversial investment opportunities.


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My journey toward success wasn’t always easy-peasy, perfect, and upwards, but now that I look back on it, I’m glad I never gave up because it was my determination to prosper that brought me all the blessings I have today. All I can say is that you will regret it if at least you do not listen to what I have to say.

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Earth 2 Review

I’ll cut straight to the chase by saying that this is a volatile and underdeveloped investment platform, although it seems extremely promising at the minute. Even though it is still in the early stages of development, I don’t believe anything valuable and worthwhile will come out of it for the following reasons.

Many people have indeed shown interest and, in some way, have become obsessed with this platform. Still, this is mainly because its founders and developers are using very aggressive marketing tactics, which obviously work.

There are many mixed opinions about it; some say it is a risky investment, a complete scam, and a waste of time, while others quite the opposite. One thing is sure, this platform and its vision get a lot of attention and, in a way, remind me of the time when Bitcoin was considered an overhyped, shaky investment.



The number of people convinced that this platform is legitimate is enormous, but still, we should not overlook all the red flags that indicate that it is not.

Just because a lot of folks have shown interest and faith in this project doesn’t mean that it will be successful. For that reason, it is crucial to pay attention and analyze all the known facts and, with their help, make your final decision, which, by the way, can save you a lot of money. ~ lots and lots of money, actually. 


The first thing I’m not too fond of…

…about this platform is the fact that various media manipulate many people to believe that they will get rich by buying a piece of land in this virtual world. There is no platform globally, not even the most developed ones, that can guarantee that you as an investor will have a positive outcome if you decide to invest. 


Any platform that claims otherwise should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Furthermore, many people promoting this platform are either questionable Youtubers chasing views for their videos or affiliate marketers who do their best to get you to invest in a piece of land through their affiliate links. ~ no honesty. 

No matter who they are, you can not expect fair and impartial opinions from them because many of the things they inform you about are partly true, and most of the time, their statements are fabricated in order to attract you to invest your hard-earned dollars. Watch out for them because they are very cunning in what they do.


Another thing I have noticed is that many…

…complain that they are having a hard time withdrawing their money. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but also funny that a platform of such magnitude causes problems for investors who contribute too much to its growth. It’s not something you’d expect from a platform that claims to build a virtual copy of the world.

I contacted about twenty investors who had invested considerable sums of money in Еarth 2, and almost fifteen of them told me that they waited as long as three or four weeks to be paid ridiculously small amounts of cash. The rest claim that they haven’t been able to withdraw yet, which is very worrying and unfortunate, considering that these people have invested tens of thousands of dollars.

is Earth 2 legitimate Although I try to be optimistic, I can not ignore the fact that all of this reminds me of a well-designed pyramid scheme in which investors’ funds are kept as long as possible to avoid the whole system’s premature collapse. ~ I’ve seen many. 



What is even more worrying is the fact that…

…the founder and chief executive of this company, Shane Isaac, is the closest thing to a ghost. He had almost no presence on social media, which could be seen from his semi-professional LinkedIn account, which was half-empty until recently.

Another concerning fact is that their servers are most of the time overloaded and constantly crash, which is very strange and humorous to some extent, considering that Earth 2 is a company striving to create a whole new digital world. ~ absurd. 

If such amateur mistakes occur in the early stages of development, what will happen when all the plots in their, as they say, unprecedented world are bought?


I completely understand that…

…it is typical and somewhat expected for such mistakes to happen, especially when it comes to a project of this magnitude that is receiving so much attention worldwide. However, if it happens more than once, it only indicates that their team is not as experienced, knowledgeable, and resourceful as they claim.


Many start-ups face the same problems…

…but most of them do not repeat the same mistake twice, so I would say that this is another strong indicator that things are not as great as they seem.

Their project is genuinely innovative, and although their servers have crashed several times so far, I believe this is a start-up mistake they can easily correct.

On top of that, all the announcements about their future are unfounded without detailed explanations. They only announce that there will be many cool things that have never been seen before in the near future, but they never share at least a teenie-weenie bit of their plans and how they plan to realize their ideas.

All the top companies that have been involved in similar projects of this scale, such as Facebook and Instagram, have always had at least a little to share with the general public about how they plan to achieve what they have set out to do, which unfortunately is not something you will see from this company.


The Earth 2 team claims that…

…its dream and mission is to unite technology and the real world by enabling users to purchase territories in a virtual world. However, it has been years since their company was founded, and we have not seen a single piece of land yet.

The only thing they have done is charged their investors for a theoretical piece of land, which is yet to be built and expanded. I do not know what your sentiment is about this, but in my eyes, this seems to be something that we should approach with great caution, attention, and most of all, patience. ~ many risks exist here. 

Recently, we have seen an enormous expansion in the virtual market, and with that, the number of metaverses is also increasing. Yet, the rest of the metaverses have features that can keep your attention and thus make you want to spend a few more extra hours within the platform. ~ gameplay is one of the features.

Suppose this company wants to stay in the market and continue its sluggish growth. In that case, it must start implementing more creative methods to get our attention other than the opportunity to buy virtual land, which is very unamusing.

Earth 2 review The next thing you read may be the main reason why you decide not to invest in this company. At least for me, this was crucial information on why everyone should think twice about financing serious amounts of money in this project.


The chief strategist of Earth 2, Omar Rahim, is widely known as a swindler and a liar who deceived thousands of people with the help of his company and a massive project known as EnergiMine. ~ a United-Kingdom-based blockchain tech company that uses artificial intelligence to trade and manage energy.


After the company raised $16 million from its investors…

…the project unexpectedly failed, and everyone lost their money, leading many to fear the same could happen with Earth 2. Even though the collapse of one company doesn’t necessarily mean that the same will happen to another, you must consider all circumstances to avoid a similar catastrophe.

To this day, it is unknown what the reason for EnergiMines’ failure was, but one thing is for sure, thousands of people were left without their savings.

On top of that, even if this world manages to launch, you have to keep in mind that the company can effortlessly manipulate the value of your plots because they are the ones who determine the value of your belongings, which means that they can quickly devalue your territory at any given time. ~ they can manipulate you. 

They have complete control over the game, and they are the ones who can expand the world at any time, which means that the value of your property might decline because of the absence of limitations. They can very easily launch a new version of the game, in which the sale of underground properties will be allowed, directly affecting the price of your aboveground properties. ~ see how that works?

Please visit their website and read the front page, where you will notice that they say that one of the ways that virtual land will increase in value over time is by demand, indicating that if the demand stops or the interest in this project declines, your investment will fail. – something like a pyramid scheme. 

Even the sheer amount of unnecessary details they require to transfer money to you is something to be suspicious of. Weirdly, for some reason, they’re moving all of your money through a wire transfer (which is very unusual with companies of such size), and if you want to make a withdrawal, you need to give out: 

  1. Your full legal name 
  2. Your current address 
  3. Your e-mail address 
  4. Your exact bank account name 
  5. Your phone number 
  6. Your routing number – WTF? 

The company says that the reason why it is forced to send money via bank transfer is that it had very rapid blossoming, so for that reason, it was not ready and left out to insert an instant money payment system such as PayPal. 

Also, feel free to read their terms and conditions, where the team of this dubious company claims that they do not undertake to keep Earth 2 updated, nor do they warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information on their website. 


This literally means that they can…

…close the platform at any given time and leave with your money without any consequences because you agree to their terms and conditions by using their platform. If this doesn’t indicate that Earth 2 is a scam, I don’t know what does! 


Is Earth 2 a Scam?

Earth 2 is a scam – although this is undoubtedly one of the twenty-first century’s most ambitious digital real estate projects, I have no choice but to classify the entire thing as a big scam and a pyramid scheme in which the chances of completely losing your investment are huge. ~ there are many risks involved here. 

This must be a big hoax because this company produces no revenues, which means that all its earnings come from the investments of new members, which is very reminiscent of a classic Ponzi scheme. ~ see how Ponzi schemes work. 

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To save money, investors sell their plots for much lower prices than their estimated market values, suggesting that they are willing to take massive losses just to take their money out. This often happens with pyramid schemes, so I would advise you to be very mindful of how much money you put into this project if you decide to ignore my advice and invest anyways. (which is a bad idea!)

The whole project resembled a very well-thought-out Ponzi scheme, where assets have no real value. Because Earth 2 is a digital world that can be upgraded and expanded at any time, your properties are constantly at risk of losing their value, which means that they can manipulate you whenever they feel like it.

You can only profit from this by handing over your property to someone willing to pay more for it. Please bear in mind that you are literally giving him, in a way, a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment, so I would say it is best if you refrain from investing in this in the first place. It’s simply not worth it, buddy.

is Earth 2 a good investment When it’s all said and done, Earth 2 is nothing more than a boring game that allows you to buy parcels so you can brag and pretend that you own some land.


I’m not even sure if it can be called a game because there are no elements resembling it. At the moment, it is nothing more than a simple 2D map of the planet earth, on which thousands of tiles are placed on a grid for you to buy them.


Limitation and scarcity are…

… what makes real estate so worthwhile, and if these two things are not present, then you need to ask yourself what the actual value of your properties is.


Let’s say you have an apartment in the center of a city.

That flat has a specific price, which can only increase in value because that location is unique, and even if someone wanted to, he could not build something on top of your property. This is why real estate is so valuable in real life.


If you want to buy a property in a suitable place…

…then be prepared to shell out a lot of money because the number of beautiful locations where it is worth buying a house or land is limited. Even if you want to, you can not create new land, which is contrary to what can happen in this game.


That is the whole foundation of this scam.

This sneaky organization wants to make you believe that you are buying virtual real estate when in reality, you are just buying square tiles of land on a grid, hoping that they will grow in value as more people become interested in this.


This game has nothing to do with real estate. ❌

However, this scandalous company’s cunning team has still found a way to persuade thousands of people to invest money in their system by dividing the planet earth into thousands of plots with the help of Google Maps technology.

Remove the map from the planet earth, and you will be left with only a plate divided into 5.1 trillion pieces available for sale. They are just trying to impose on you the illusion that some of the available properties are very valuable by, in a way, comparing them to real geolocations, such as the Eiffel Tower, for instance.

In the game, purchasing a property in downtown New York will cost you much more than buying a property in a random location in central Texas. They have deliberately used the map of our planet because they want you to feel like you are buying actual real estate in real life, which is not true. ~ quite clever indeed. 

Even their terrain engine, Earth 2 Terrain, which they claim can render the entire Earth with extreme terrain and vegetation details not seen before in any game, is a mere fabrication. If it weren’t, the creators of this powerful tool would have been millionaires by now and would not have bothered with such projects.

While this is indeed an ambitious project, you must understand that it is complicated and almost unthinkable to achieve with today’s technology. I hope and believe that it will be realized one day, but for now, I would sincerely advise you to invest your precious savings elsewhere. ~ it’s just not worth the risk.  

is legit If you think that my stated facts and arguments are unfounded, feel free to take a risk, but at least be moderate in how much money you invest in this.


As for me…

…I will continue to take advantage of all the opportunities that the real world has to offer, and if you want to join me, then listen carefully to what I have to say.


How I Make a Living Online

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Before I came across this way of earning…

…I did my best to make some money online. Still, due to a large amount of misinformation, I often came across the so-called online gurus, who promised me fast and easy money, trying to lure me into trying their so far unseen systems.

I was rather inexperienced and ignorant back then, so I spent much of my savings on stupid, worthless courses. However, I still do not regret it because I learned a lesson from all this and understood that I have to be super cautious when it comes to systems that promise quick cash, something like Earth 2.

I’m telling you all this because I believe you are investigating whether Earth 2 is a scam because you want to invest in something that will give you a steady income and a good return on investment. ~ if you need, I can lend a helping hand. 

I genuinely want to help you because I was in a similar, if not the same, position as you not so long ago. I’m convinced that my business line is much more profitable and less risky than investing in virtual real estate, which is why thousands of people worldwide are doing exactly the same thing as I am. 

Is a scam This was a long post, and I would not like to bother you anymore, so I recommend you read my guide to understand my business line in more detail and, of course, to ask all your questions at the end, to which you will gladly I will answer.



I guess it’s time to end my Earth 2 review…

…so I hope my explanations, facts, and arguments were enough to convince you that Earth 2 is a scam and something you should avoid without hesitation. If you want me to elaborate on something even further, or if you feel like asking me something, feel free to comment down below. I usually reply within 24 hours.




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