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Is Genesis Technology a Scam or the #1 Investment of 2021?

There’s a good possibility that you landed on this page because you just viewed one of Teeka Tiwari’s explosive advertisements promising to get you ahead of the curve and help you to earn considerable profits with only three specific stocks. 

If I guessed correctly, then allow me to share the truth and answer the big question of whether Genesis Technology is a scam or a genuine trade secret that can guarantee profits in the years to come. 


Have you ever watched the 2016 movie called Money Monster? 👾 💸

If you have, then I guess you know how important it is not to follow financial tips blindly, even if they came from the most trusted personalities or media outlets. 

No one can consistently and thoroughly predict the future of the market, and it would be foolish of you to think otherwise. 

While many gurus say that the industry may rise, it is always advised that aspiring traders and investors proceed with caution and correctly weigh their options by researching and running a first-hand technical analysis. 

Is Genesis Technology A ScamThe last person you want to become is ‘Karen,’ who invested all of her savings just because someone said so. 🤪


I’m afraid that by doing this, you’ll turn into another statistic on the board or another sheep in the herd, as some like to call it. 


I am telling you this because I know exactly how it feels. 🙂

In 2016, the ambitious young me was so in love with the stock market concept that I ended up saving nearly %70 of my salary for months to have a good start-up pile. 

While the routine was challenging, I managed to get through it by getting multiple jobs and establishing several low-paying income sources. 


Long story short – five months after that, I finally mustered the courage to open an account with my broker, and I initially thought that everything was going fine until it hit me: 


How the hell am I going to choose the right type of stocks? 💭


Since I couldn’t understand how charts work back then, I decided to try my luck and invest in a few financial newsletters instead. The keyword here is ‘try my luck.’ 


Was it the best decision I made? 🤔

Well, not really, but at least I became aware of the shady pattern in the backend. 

Some gurus are connected with specific companies, and whenever these companies find themselves in the corner, they ask the gurus to lead their herd out of the disastrous situation. 

I’m not saying that all of them are like that. It’s just that for my case, most of them were, and maybe somewhere out there is a company that will try and do the same to you. 

That is why in today’s article, I decided to give you my honest review of Teeka Tiwari’s Genesis Technology, in case you’re thinking of subscribing.


I’m big on transparency. 💯

If you have been following this website, you must know how much I value honesty and transparency regarding online opportunities. 

With that being said – you can rest assured that you won’t find any upsells in this review, and only my most in-depth and most real thoughts and recommendations about the service. 


Now, since that is out of the way, let’s draw the curtains, shall we? 


Is Teeka Tiwari A Scammer?

What better way to review Genesis Technology but by getting to know the man behind the system, right? 

Well, let me start by saying that our guy, Teeka is not some mistrustful scammer you should look out for, but he does have some questionable things around him. 


For instance, I unearthed an old case about him against FINRA as a broker in 2005 where he was prohibited from associating with any NASD member forever. 🛑


Additionally, three of the companies he worked with were found to be working in a fraudulent arena: McGinn, Smith, and Co., Lloyd Webb Securities, and Euro Atlantic Securities

While I am not saying that he is one of the men behind those companies’ schemes, I am trying to show you that he seems to have wrong judgement when it comes to looking for employers.

And if he could be so wrong in his career choices, we cannot really guarantee whether his judgement on cryptocurrency is sound too. 

While it is true that he’s being hyped on the internet as an expert, I highly suggest that you take his advice with a grain of salt. 🧂


Teeka Tiwari’s Genesis Technology Review

This is not the first time we encounter Teekachand Tiwari as we have also reviewed his Palm Beach Letter (PBL) service. 


Genesis Technology is not a new deal and is actually just a free report under the PBL. 

So, technically to gain a fair advantage and get the three best blockchain stocks he kept talking about in his video AD, you must avail of the Palm Beach Letter advisory at the price of $199 per year.


Let’s review some of the basic ideas related to PBL: 👇

  The PBL is a subscription-based product of Agora Publishing, a company that’s been around for more than 15 years and has lots of complaints on BBB and a dismally low 2.8 rating on Trustpilot.

  The PBL focuses on recommending stocks related to emerging technologies (publicly traded and pre-IPO) and cryptocurrencies. And both of these fields are not for beginners because they’re extremely risky.

•  Despite bringing the flagship newsletter, subscribing to PBL will only guarantee you two things: (1) the newsletters per month and (2) the members-only portal where you can access some free reports and Genesis Technology. 

  Compared to the much useful newsletters like the one made by Sjuggerud and Rickards, the PBL’s price is a bit steeper despite not having lots of bundled reports or any freebies.


Let’s dive into what the Genesis Technology is all about now that all the information is laid out. 


What is Genesis Technology All About?

Genesis Technology is marketed by the Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG) as the decade’s investment. 

Apparently, he believes that this groundbreaking technology will grow by more than 100% in the coming years. 

Teeka compares the technology to how big companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon emerged profitable in the early 1990s.

If you have watched the actual promotional video for the PBRG website, you’ll see that he consistently uses the phrase the “single best place to grow your money.”

Genesis Technology Review

This is because he is so convinced that Genesis Technology is the future and that in the next ten years, it will mimic the growth of Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Bitcoin!


What’s even more intriguing about this is that he boldly states that Genesis Technology can turn a thousand dollar investment into $1.6 million or more if you consider him and his newsletter. 

See this promotional video and see how much he is trying to elicit some strong emotions so that people will take advantage of his financial tips.


I feel that Teeka is fascinated with the use of big statistics. 📈

Still, in reality, I find it incredibly disappointing that he is not explaining the fact about his risky recommendations – your investments will be on an extremely volatile position wherein you can win big or lose it all.


The Three Best Blockchain Stocks

If we could turn back time, I bet that most of us will repurchase Apple or Microsoft when they sold them for low dirt prices, right?


Well, this is the same notion that our guy Teeka is trying to instil in our mind. 🧠

Basically, he says that you will miss out on the next most prominent companies that will emerge in the next ten years if you pass up this opportunity now. But what exactly is he saying?

According to Teeka – the Genesis Technology report contains three specific blockchain-based investments related to

  1. An exchange stock (or what he likes to call a gatekeeper) 
  2. A payment company that will become the next Visa 
  3. And a tech company that will rival Cisco 


By purchasing these three stocks, he confidently ensures that these will generate the most significant returns in the upcoming years, and they will continuously grow. 

There is some sense in what he is saying since the technology sector has indeed become much more complex and profitable.

While he doesn’t give the names of these stocks, I have matched a few companies which fit the descriptions:

  1. Intercontinental Exchange = the gatekeeper which owns and operates security exchanges
  2. NVDA = which Honda widely uses for their car’s infotainment system
  3. SQ = a credit card payment processing solution


There may be other companies that can fit the description but based on the historical data and sudden rise in prices, I am 95% sure that those are what Teeka is referring to.


Is Genesis Technology A Scam?

Genesis Technology is not a scam, but I firmly believe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

While the idea of trading Bitcoins seems appealing, I don’t really recommend it to beginners since it works just like the market – with risks multiplied by at least 5! 


Yep, it is that risky, but it is also highly profitable. 💰

To top it all off, I do not recommend following Teeka because of his horrible history. Because you see, based on the resolution of FINRA, Teeka did not even appear on the record interviews of NAS. 

Somehow this broadly reflects that the allegations about him are true. He did not face trial and remained silent.

If you are 100% sure that you did nothing wrong, why would you allow your name to be involved in such a critical case, right? 


Wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to clear it up? 

If you are dead set on getting your hands on cryptocurrencies, you should try out Warrior Trading’s cryptocurrency course instead – at least here, you’ll learn from Ross Cameron himself.


Interested In Something More Realistic?

Don’t get me wrong. I have always been one of the few people out there willing to try out all the newest opportunities, including cryptocurrency. 

But this time, I find Teeka Tiwari’s promise a bit overpromising with all those vast projections and how it heavily relies on the use of historical data to its advantage. 


And let’s be honest – history may repeat itself, but that is not always the case, especially with the stock market and blockchain.

Given the market’s inherent volatility, no one can really predict the types of stocks and industries that would soar in a year. 

It may be true that the blockchain stocks may rise astronomically, but it is not right to think that it is the ONLY thing that will have more excellent value in the future! 

a real business modelSo, if you’re willing to experience more realistic returns with lessened risks, I suggest you give my most recommended business model a try. 👍 ✅


I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it goes by the name of affiliate marketing, and it represents something way more different (and in my opinion better) than trading or investing.


If you’re someone who wants to:

•  Earn more while living life to the fullest.

•  Experience the ultimate financial freedom.

•  Finance a comfortable life for you and your family.

•  Get paid by marketing something that you are keen on.


Then trust me when I say that AM is your match made in heaven. 🤩

It’s a very straightforward business model in which you get paid to promote and sell other people’s products or services, and there are four steps to getting started: 


Step 1: 

The first step of the blueprint is the part where you’re supposed to create a website (it’s easier than you think) and fill it up with helpful content that tackles a specific problem to make it easier for yourself to promote products to your readership. 

The topic your site revolves around is not essential, as long as it’s decently searched on the web. 


I’ve seen all kinds of sites throughout my years as an affiliate. 😀

Many of them made thousands of dollars monthly by writing on strange topics and promoting silly products such as baseball drinking hats or scissors for bonsai tree grooming. 

As an affiliate, you can come up with a guide that teaches the correct way to groom a bonsai tree and simultaneously promote a product that may come in handy to the person that’s reading it. 

A person that has just searched “how to groom a bonsai tree” on Google is the ideal person for you to recommend the latest pair of Okatsune pruning shears to. 

The reader has shown interest in the topic by searching it on the web, and you have the chance to be the one that hooks him up with a perfect product that helps him solve his issue. (how to groom a bonsai tree) 


Step 2: 

Many businesses in the world have affiliate programs, and by joining them, you get the chance to partner up with a particular company and promote its products and services. 

When you sign up for a company’s’ affiliate program, you are given a unique affiliate link that you can integrate into your site’s content, and everytime someone clicks on it and buys the product you’re recommending – you get a commission. 🤑

All of the giant corporations globally, such as Amazon, eBay, and Share a Sale, have affiliate programs, and you can comfortably take advantage of them. 

For the case of the bonsai tree guide, you can quickly sign up to Amazon Associates, grab a link for the best shears you find, and place it on your site, so it earns you a commission every time a reader clicks on it and buys the shear you’re recommending.  


Step 3: 

The third step is the most crucial one, and without it, all the content you wrote on your site is worthless. 

This is the part where you’ll be implementing all of the traffic techniques that I’ll be teaching you because otherwise, your site will be a lovely well in the middle of the desert without no one to drink from it. 🌞

Your site without readers on it is pretty much useless, as there is no one to click on your affiliate links and buy the products that you’re recommending. 

The more eyes you have on your content, the more money you’ll be making. Every single reader on your site is a potential customer, and you should be aware of that. 


The fourth step is the last one, and it’s my favorite for a reason. 😉

It’s the part where all of your hard work pays off, and you finally get to taste the fruits of your labor.

It’s also the part where your site continuously gets flooded with traffic, and you start making sales day in day out.

You realize that this making money online thing works, and it might be a great time to buy me a drink for introducing to AM.

However, don’t get fooled into thinking that you’ll be an overnight success story, okay? AM works, but just like any other business model, it requires a lot of input and perseverance from your end.

Genesis TechnologyThese success stories are just a testament to how powerful this business model can be, but only if you put in the time and effort to make it happen. 🙂


I would love nothing more than introducing you to a platform that can give you all the pieces of training, tools, and support to build your first successful affiliate marketing website.

The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate, and without it, the site you’re currently on wouldn’t have existed, nor would I sit here and write this Genesis Technology review.

They gave me everything that I needed to prosper, and now here I am, ready to mentor you and show you how you can do the same.

I’m willing to tutor you until you surpass the one thousand dollars in passive income mark, but only if you promise me something first.

All I’m asking is a pledge on your behalf that you’ll give it your all and listen closely to what I have to say. I’ve been doing this for years, and trust me when I say that I have some fantastic trick to show you.


Wealthy Affiliate deals with quite an uncommon freemium membership model that lets you test out the platform before actually paying for it. 👌


The starter account gives you access to the first few lessons of the course and enough time to decide whether a career in affiliate marketing is something you would consider pursuing.

It’s time for me to end this review, so I would like to thank you for your time and for sticking up until the last sentence.

I hope I answered the question of whether Genesis Technology is a scam or not. If you have any concerns or just want to ask a question about something, please do so by leaving a comment down below.


Same as you, I’m a friendly guy and would love to help you out. 👋


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