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Is Grant Cardone a Scammer or an Epic Mentor to Follow?

Are you pondering on the question of whether Grant Cardone is a scammer or not? Well, you are not the only one asking about this. 

What makes this man genuinely newsworthy is that he could transform his life and become a millionaire despite having a rough start in his career. 

It’s not as easy to connect to his story as he started from scratch, was in a lot of debt, and was even addicted to drugs at one point. 

And you know what his response to the hardships he experienced back in the days was? He trained himself and invested time in personal growth while developing a framework that works for him. 

In my opinion, understanding someone’s career is a great way to motivate oneself, which is one of the reasons I decided to write this post. 

I want to share everything there is to know about this guy and ultimately provide you with a clear answer of whether his books, programs, and Cardone University are worthy of your time, money, and effort. 

Before we dive right into it, allow me just to clarify that I am not connected with Grant Cardone himself, nor am I affiliated in any way, shape, or form with any of his companies. 

My sole purpose for writing this is to help you out and give you a heads up on whether he’s legit or just another snake oil salesman. 

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Now that everything is clear, let’s head right into this review and discuss all there is to know about Grant.


Who Is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is best known for his New York Times best-selling business books and business programs, which have helped entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and aspiring marketers to create a truly profitable business. 

He also has written for EntrepreneurHuffington PostFortuneInfluencive, and is very active on his Medium account. 

Given his knowledge, experience, and wisdom, there is no surprise why 6.5 million follow him on Facebook, 487k on Twitter, 1.63 million subscribers on YouTube, and 3.3 million on Instagram.

To add more about his popularity, he has been one of the stars in the Undercover Billionaire season 2 and was featured numerous times by Yahoo FinanceCNBCINCThe Business JournalsEntrepreneur, and other legitimate media companies. 

Based on my review of most of his interview transcripts and how these agencies explained his story, I can attest that it is consistent, meaning that you will not find a loophole, unlike with Vegas Dave and other questionable gurus.


Allow me to give you an overview of how he rose to fame. 🙂

You see, Grant is someone you likely wouldn’t think is capable of becoming successful in just a few years. He, himself, shared that he is from a middle-class family and that he has always been a troubled kid. 

When his father passed away, it pushed him on edge, and that is when he started developing a troublesome habit such as consuming as many drugs and alcohol as possible. He even went to rehab countless times in the hopes of curing himself.

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After graduating from college at McNeese State University in 1983 with a degree in accounting, he continued to battle his drug addiction while working as a salesman for a car company.

Based on one of his interviews, he stated that he hated the job, but he also hated being broke. Instead of looking for another job or shifting to a new career, he tried to look into the positives and what he found out made him strive in the field even more.


Having a job kept him busy. 

So busy to the point that he had no time to think about drugs and alcohol and that he could get an excellent salary if he could close several clients.

Seeing that it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. He decided to invest in himself, work hard, and stay in the same company for five years. 

During that time, he was already planning his next most significant career move, and that was to become a recognized speaker.

He spearheaded several sales seminars while investing in real estate, and by the time he was 30, he was already a millionaire.

I like his story because there is nothing out of the ordinary about it, and you can indeed make a lot of cash in commission-based jobs.

Grant Cardone Review For me, Grant’s story shows that all you need is hard work and determination to succeed so that you can change your life for the better. 💪


Instead of spending countless hours on social media during our free time, we can follow Grant and devote most of our time to self-improvement courses and lectures that will increase our chances of succeeding in the future.  

As the title of one of his books says, you must “be obsessed” with improving yourself. I also like that Grant Cardone did not say that there is one quick scheme towards success, making him a truly believable man.

Although a bit expensive, even his courses are structured to be bite-sized, unlike systems from other gurus who will provide you with a lot of overwhelming information that you likely won’t even bother to absorb. 


Grant Cardone As A Sales Expert

Have you ever found yourself being scared of the idea of going face to face with a customer? Grant was like that, and he used to think that he wasn’t selling much because the quality of the cars was not up to par. 

However, the good thing is that he learned that it’s not really all about the product but how you market it correctly.

Grant can indeed be considered an expert, from making a few hundred in commissions to locking thousands in sales in 5 years. 

Given that he has devoted most of his time growing himself and acquiring skills, his dominating businesses are a testament to how good he really is.

In the past years, he was recognized as: 

  1. Forbes’ #1 marketing influencer 
  2. Small industry influencer
  3. Dealers’ choice award. 

We’re just human, and sometimes psychological tricks and specific words trigger us to buy stuff even if we do not know much about the product. 

With this being said, most of his books are targeted on this idea, and he mainly pours at least one nugget of wisdom per book. 

The most popular ones are:

  1. The 10X Rule – He describes his sales tactics which rely on two basic things: setting massive goals and taking massive actions.

  2. Sell Or Be Sold – Grant shares his real-life techniques for persuading people without being the “pushy” salesman we abhor.

  3. The Millionaire Booklet – A tiny booklet that walks you through the exact process of becoming a millionaire in today’s modern world.

  4. If You’re Not First, You’re Last – He talks about the exact sales strategies he used back then and how you can apply this today.

  5. Real Estate Investing Made Simple – Grant shares here how much his father valued the idea of real estate investing and how you can make a good income by doing this too.



Grant Cardone As An Entrepreneur

I have always believed that the best way to become successful and retire early is by adding more income streams. 

These income streams do not really mean that you have to juggle different jobs or take on time-consuming projects. 

Instead, you can follow what Grant Cardone did: create multiple high-paying revenue streams that will not require 100% focus or presence. 

His most notable money-generating babies are:

  1. The Cardone University – where he sells courses priced at around $1000 to $13,000 and covers lessons such as cold calling, negotiating, closing sales, outbound calling, etc.

  2. The Cardone Capital – a 2017 real estate syndication where he earns from management fees, transaction fees, and 35% of property profit.

  3. The Annual 10X Growth Conference – is a gathering and networking concert for all entrepreneurs where ticket prices can be around $5k to $20k!

  4. A Motivational Speaker – his rate for every presentation depends on certain factors, but the rate can be anywhere between $50k to $100k.


As of writing, all of these are doing well and will not be shut down anytime soon. In addition, I think that there are still other ways by which he earns, but I cannot really put a ballpark figure on how much.

For instance, he has an excellent website with many websites linking into it, so he might also be earning from the traffic or having affiliate brands posted on his site. 

Also, his social media pages are pretty huge, and he is often seen tagging colleagues and brands, which means that he is also probably earning from being an influencer too. 

His YouTube videos have also been watched by millions which means that he also gets some money out of the company.


Is Grant Cardone a Scammer?

While we cannot deny that Grant Cardone had an outstanding story backing him up, many people are still thinking that he is a total scam.

The usual comments that they throw around online are that he is a show-off and fraud who constantly misleads and brainwashes non-accredited people to invest in his real estate syndication.

Another thing worth mentioning is that his YouTube seems to be more of an advertisement to his speaking gig; thus, you cannot really get much information from it.

The Cardone University ReviewFrom the way I see it, I genuinely believe that Grant Cardone is not a scammer and has credible courses, programs, and books. ✅


The only downside for me is that most of these are priced higher-end, which is perhaps why almost everyone is bashing him online.

I mean, they probably want to avail themselves of those too, but it is not priced as competitively as possible.


I also recommend him to those interested in finding a mentor.

His story checks out, and there is nothing more inspiring than a man who made it big entirely on his own.

He is not promising you that his programs and books will make you rich overnight. Instead, he promises that if you follow him and try to motivate yourself consciously, then you will be as successful as him.

As you reach this part of the post, I bet you are wondering if there are any other legitimate ways by which you can mimic the success of Grant Cardone and establish your own business online?

Well, becoming the next Grant is not entirely impossible, but I have to warn you that the path you take may not be as straight-lined.

One of the best ways to get you on your feet is by looking for business opportunities that you can start now with little or no money at all.

My advice? Skip the expensive and energy-sucking idea of building your own product, and go for something more flexible instead.


How I Make A Living Online

Are you interested in making money like Cardone but without all the significant investments associated with real estate? 

If so, you might want to listen carefully because I’d love nothing more than to share the exact step-by-step blueprint of how I’ve been making a living online and tell you that you too can achieve the same, if not, better results. 

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This is a real business you’ll be building, so please don’t expect a fortune upon the first week of starting. 

Like any other business, you’re expected to make every effort, and only then will you be able to enjoy the benefits of working online. 

If you’ve been actively searching for ways to make money from home, then there’s a big chance you’ve heard this business model already. But in case you haven’t, I’m more than willing to introduce you to it. 

Is Grant Cardone LegitSo, in a nutshell, what I do is called affiliate marketing, and as an affiliate, my job is to promote and sell other people’s products and services. 💰


Whenever a customer decides to make a purchase through me, I get a commission, which is often a predetermined, recurring one. 

So many benefits come with being an affiliate, and here’s just a short list of some of my most favorite reasons to become one: 

  1. It’s significantly less risky than other online business models 
  2. It doesn’t require substantial up-front capital. 
  3. All you need is less than a dollar per day to get started. 
  4. Your earning are solely dependent on your work ethic. 
  5. It’s considered a low-risk-high-return investment. 
  6. It’s one of the best ways to get started online as a beginner. 
  7. It’s set to become an $8.2 million industry by 2022. 
  8. You don’t need to be an expert at anything. 
  9. Anyone from anywhere can do it. 
  10. And these success stories are proof of that! 👈

It’s about time I end this Grant Cardone review, so hopefully, I did an excellent job of providing you with a solid answer of whether he’s a scammer or a trustworthy bestselling author to follow. 

If you have any questions or simply want to contact me, please feel free to comment down below. 👋



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