Louis Navellier Review

Is Louis Navellier a Scammer? My Honest Growth Investor Review!

It’s only human nature that we’re having a hard time trusting investors these days, and I can only assume that’s the real reason why you’re pondering on the question of whether Louis Navellier is a scammer or not. 

After all, we as consumers cherish our finances and want to ensure that our money is appropriately invested in a product or service that is actually valuable and worth our time and effort. 

I mean, with all the latest ways on how copywriters play with words to make just about anything sound like “something,” none of us would ever want to feel like we’re being scammed, right? 

And that’s the basis why I decided to write today’s post so that you could learn more about Louis and his services in my Growth Investor review. 

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Now since that is out of the way, shall we get started? 🙂

There’s no denying that we all dream of being filthy rich one day, and that’s the leading cause why we instantly turn our heads whenever we see a product that promises to help us achieve our goals faster. 

Unfortunately, many of you are probably unaware that that is just a marketing tactic, and more often than not, the whole offer is a lie. 

In 2021 alone, studies have found that investment products such as financial newsletters, gems, rare coins, and online money-making seminars are among the top 10 biggest scams found online. 

Having said that, I’m sure you’ve come across many con men while surfing online in different scenarios, such as in the following:  

  1. You’ve got a friend request on social media from someone who told you they had made money doing forex or holding cryptocurrencies.

  2. You’ve probably met someone online from dating sites, and they suddenly ask you to send them money.

  3. You’ve probably gotten a delivery notification asking you to pay up for an item that you haven’t ordered but is being shipped anyway.

  4. People advocating for cryptocurrencies make you think that certain coins are worth the risk. Take Dogecoin, for example.

  5. Newsletters and financial gurus that can predict the future


If you have ever experienced any of the scenarios mentioned above, it’s a great thing you landed on this post. 

The pandemic has undeniably taken its toll on all of us, and because of that, we see a surge in the number of people looking for ways to earn more online and secure their savings. 

One of the top recommendations of financial experts today is that now is the best time to try out the stock market. 

Perhaps this is why you’re here – you are probably looking for support in navigating this field, and that’s why in today’s post, I will you through Louis Navellier’s Growth Investors newsletter and give you my honest opinion about the service. 

Before we dive into it, let me just clarify that I am not connected with their company, nor do I personally know Navellier.

My sole motivation for writing this is to help you decide whether you’d like to sign up with this one or seek another newsletter instead. 

If you decide to sign up with the Growth Investor newsletter, I will not get compensated with a commission or a reward. 

Let’s get it on with the review!


Is Louis Navellier a scammer?

I have always believed that financial newsletters can be great tools to help both beginners and even proficient traders. They show you a direction that can guide you on the next trend. 

However, not all newsletters are created equal, nor are they worth it since suspicious editors write some. 

Just take the case of Teeka Tiwari of the Palm Beach Letter, Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider, and Tom Gentile’s Fast Fortune Club


They may not be scams, but the quality is just poor! 👎

As for Louis Navellier, you probably know him as the “one-percenter” guy who’s eager to help everyone become as rich as he is. 

The word around town is that he’s one of the top 1% in the United States with an estimated annual income of over $400k and a vast range of properties in exclusive places from across the country!

He has been recognized and called names, such as the founder of stock investing in America and a legendary investor by legitimate companies such as Nasdaq, Forbes, Bloomberg, Money Show, and Yahoo Finance. 

He has also been one of the go-to analysts of Business Times, France24, and The Washington Independent. 

Given that he is quite a popular name in the industry, there is no surprise why he has almost 5k followers on Twitter. He does not have a Facebook page or an official Instagram as of writing, so I cannot give you metrics on that.

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Aside from being a famous guru, he has also co-authored a book with Steve Forbes about growth investing. 

There are newer versions and translated copies of the book available on Amazon, but it earned a stellar 4-star rating based on its first copy.

Given that “The Little Book That Makes You Rich” is an investing book, I have to say that that rating is already a good one.

As a financial guru, Louis only focuses on the United States sector and proves to be good in terms of trading tech stocks. 

His strategy relied on fundamental and quantitative analysis. As of writing, his best position allowed him to gain 551% when he suggested Vipshop Holdings in one of his newsletters.


Throughout his career, he continuously outperformed the S&P 500. 

This perhaps is why The New York Times called him an icon among growth investors. Given his outstanding track record, he started his very own investment firm known as Navellier & Associates.

And since he has been a sought-after guru, he has also offered stock advisory newsletters such as the Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, Accelerated Profits, Power Options, and Platinum Growth ranging from $299 to $5,995 yearly subscription. 

I really have no complaints in terms of pricing as this is somewhat the same as the pricing range of other brands like the IQTrendsBuilding Wealth, and Strategic Intelligence.

With all things considered, I seriously believe that he is a qualified editor and the reason is clear why the media community has been head over heels for his skills. 

I also admire his investment strategy, which focuses more on growth than quick cash. But, at the same time, not everything is all glory as I have also found a few complaints that I’d love to discuss more below.


Louis Navellier Complaints

I have always believed that a company is only as good as its founder, so I was pretty surprised to see a few interesting facts about him. Here are some of the latest that you MUST know: 

  1. In 2017, SEC found his company to be using misleading marketing statements when selling investment strategies. In 2020, the court judgment stated that the company should pay around $28 million for disgorgement, $6.5 million for prejudgement interest, and $2 million for civil penalties.

  2. Louis is connected to Matt McCall from InvestorPlace. If you know Matt, you must understand that he has quite a negative reputation where clients share online that the newsletters under him are nothing but pure bravado. The fact that he is working with him suggests that Louis is willing to work with an untrusted individual.

  3. Last year, there was an issue that showed that Louis and his team recommended a fake stock pick.

  4. Louis Navellier has quite a low success rate if you look at his performance for just a year. Although it is possible since he is invested in the long term, I find it a bit worrying that his success was just ay 44%, according to TipRanks.


So there we have the fine things and the complaints about Louis. Now, let’s move and discuss Growth Investor’s quality. 


Louis Navellier Growth Investor Review

Growth Investor is also known as the Blue-chip Growth Investor since it mainly focuses on mid to large-cap stocks in its monthly trades. 

Unlike his other newsletters, this one is an ideal tool for those who have a conservative risk appetite and are more interested in gaining money without any possibilities of losing in the long run. 

All the suggestions under it are divided into two categories: 

  1. High-growth
  2. Elite dividend players

High-growth stocks can significantly help create wealth since they refer to companies with increasing revenue. 

However, please note that the stocks here are already well-known and have a distinct competitive advantage which means that the price for each can be a bit higher than the average. This includes names such as Netflix, Amazon, Baidu, Apple Inc., Shopify, and Facebook.

I also use this strategy whenever I buy my stocks since I’ll have peace of mind knowing that seasoned professionals are managing the company where I’m investing my money. 

Additionally, it is easier to forecast the pricing of these companies as news about every single change in their management or promotions can kick start a rally that you can ride on.

As for dividend players, this refers to companies that are guaranteed to provide dividends. 

Louis Navellier Growth Investor ReviewDepending on how good the revenue is, you can expect the dividends even to earn you double your amount, causing you to make more money just by staying invested in them. 


Some of the top names under this one are NVIDIA, BlackRock, Inc., General Electric, and Prospect Capital Corporation.

I rode on and profit from this strategy a few years ago, and I was surprised that I doubled my capital. 

However, please note that the dividend price is inconsistent as the current revenue influences it. Also, not all companies must give you dividends as this is purely a reward.

From the way I see it, the whole newsletter is seriously wedged in a good place and is perfect for beginners. 

But as a side note, please expect to have more money as a startup since the companies that the Growth Investor will suggest monthly may cost you a lot per share. 

For just $299 per month, the monthly subscription comes with:

  1. Twelve monthly issues of Growth Investor newsletter.
  2. Full access to comprehensive reports about market outlook from Louis Navellier’s research library.
  3. Pricing guides complete with buy below ratings.
  4. Volatility rating to set your expectation per company.
  5. 90-Day Money-back guarantee.
  6. Technochasm special reports that will discuss the three must-buy stocks, growth hack, and the must-avoid and sell stocks.

Please note that the technochasm special report was just added recently and this can change depending on if there will be new special reports that Louis Navellier will create.


Is Louis Navellier Growth Investor a Scam?

Louis Navellier and his solid Growth Investor newsletter are not a scam, and I appreciate gurus that offer a conservative strategy for their clients.

Also, I admire that they limit the risk for the clients since the whole concept does not focus on speculative plays and will not hype you up on other risky stocks.

Since it capitalizes on a buy-and-hold strategy, please understand that it is not for those looking to generate quick cash.

This is for complete beginners interested in capital preservation and in companies that may become potentially disruptive. Also, given its pricing, I really have no complaints about their service.

With this being said, I recommend this for anyone who wants to try their hands on the stock market but is afraid that they might lose money in the process.

The only thing you should be wary of before signing up is the complaints about Louis, which I have discussed in the first part.


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I believe it’s about time I end this Growth Investor review, so hopefully, I did a great job of providing you with a clear answer of whether Louis Navellier is a scammer or not. 

If you’d like to know more about any of the topics discussed today, please feel free to drop a comment down below. 👋



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