The Barefoot Writer Review

Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam or The Ultimate Guide at $108?

Have you ever wondered if you can make money out of writing? Well, if you are interested in finding out more, then bring out your pen and start taking notes as I present to you the truth and answer the question: 


Is the Barefoot Writer a scam or is it a platform you should be apart of? 🤔


With everything that is going on around the world, a lot of people have become more interested in trying out online hustles that can bring in some additional cash for them. 

From day trading to establishing online businesses, the number of opportunities today are growing like wildfire. And if there is one major trend today, I sure bet that that would be freelancing.

Back in the days, freelancing was considered as a side hustle where you got to work on your terms and be the one that decides how your time and project would be managed. 

However, today, it has become the full-time hustle or the bread and butter of many. In the field of freelancing, you can leverage your skills and talents and see whether you can be a suitable fit for any local or international client. Is the Barefoot Writer a scamIn the past couple of months, it was even found out that the number of freelancers increased significantly. This uptick also reflects a shift on how we perceive the very concept of freelancing. 

I know what you are thinking! You’re probably wondering if freelancing could be the answer to your prayers? Well, I’m not sure if it will be, but it’s indeed possible. 


Here’s the deal. 🙂


To succeed in this line of business, you must always be transparent with yourself. 

You see, it might be easier for you to land a big project in high paying fields such as graphic designing, computer programming, dropshipping, or even video editing. 

But remember that in order for you to be successful at any of these, you must first ask yourself whether you’re a “pro” or an average bloke that’s trying to make a living by targeting more competitive, and therefore, more worthwhile niches. 

On the contrary, if you feel like you’re not the most skilled person in any of the above mentioned, then why not go and increase your chances of succeeding by diving into other, less competitive, areas that you are more competent in? 


Are you good at crafting video tutorials? Cool, then give it a try. 📽️

Have a knack for weaving? No one’s holding you back. 🧵


Whatever it is that you are skilled and passionate at, I bet that you can make money out of it.

And suppose you are someone like me who is in a relationship with words and the idea of putting thoughts to paper. 

In that case, you might want to roll up your sleeves and think twice because, with a flair for writing and researching, you can bank anywhere between four to six figures a month! 💯 💸

In my Barefoot Writer review, I will analyse the educational blueprint of this platform, which promises to help aspiring writers to land the best writing jobs and begin the life that they have always dreamed off.

For transparency, allow me to state that I am not in any way connected to the Barefoot Writer or any of its members.

You can rest assured that what I will post here are my honest opinions about the service itself. So, without further ado, let us now dig into the details. ⛏️ 👷


What is the Barefoot Writer all about?

If there is one freelancing industry that offers competitive salaries and benefits, that’s got to be writing. I have tried my hands on it personally and have even hired freelancers myself. 

While writing is a skill that we have all developed ever since we were young, I believe that it is not something that you can try out right away, and here’s my reasoning. 

For instance, if you have a freelancer profile under Upwork, you can see the number of applicants for a single post.

You might be surprised to find out that for a single gig, you will have to battle it out with almost a hundred other applicants who may or may not have professional writing experiences.

So the real question is – how can you outrank your competition and land a project when there are hundreds of other applicants that are trying to land the same job as you are? the barefoot writer reviewThere’s only one answer – You need to prepare yourself so you stand out from the crowd, and you can ensure your successful path in writing by joining a service that promises to guide and inspire you – The Barefoot Writer by Paul Hollingshead.


In a nutshell, this 23-year old company is a mixture of things.


It is an educational platform that intends to guide writers by sharing tried and tested blueprints, and it’s also a subscription-based magazine for aspiring writers.


In other words, it’s a writer’s community. 🖋️ 😊


It has several special reports under its belt, which is quite a lot compared to other educational platforms we have reviewed in the past.

As seen in the video below, it basically aims to train aspiring writers in different niches until they find the one they are most comfortable with.


If you check out their website, you can also see several members holding writing contests with different themes to encourage other writers to dip their toes in various writing prompts and challenges.

If you happen to win in any of these, you will get to bring home $100 plus get your article published on their site on top of the cash prize. 

The Barefoot Writer has a thriving social media presence with about 115k followers on Facebook, 5k members in its private group, 1.4k followers on Instagram, and 3.2k followers on Twitter. 

Based on the company’s recent posts, you can actually see a very lively engagement on its Facebook accounts, which is definitely a plus in terms of marketing their services.

Given that it is connected to American Writers & Artists, I researched their company on BBB and found that it has a stellar rating (A+)


Where do I stand in this? 🧐


What I love about the company so far is the fact that they hold writing contests for their members.

For me, it is a big deal that can significantly help them in their career since if their article is posted, they can use that link as part of their online portfolio. 

If you are hiring a writer, of course, you would want to hire someone who’s not just good on paper but also in the application, right?

I also enjoyed reading some of the winning articles and was surprised to know that there are instances where they recognize co-winners too! Co-winners also get to enjoy the same privileges as well as check-in a hundred dollars.


To be honest, the service that the Barefoot Writer is offering is quite vague. 😕

It does not offer rigorous training at all. Do not expect to have quizzes or live discussions with teachers like those you can find from the other educational services I’ve reviewed (iPro AcademyShaw Academy, or Knowledge Blueprint). 


How Does The Barefoot Writer Work?

If you decide to become a member of the Barefoot Writer Club, you will have to pay an annual payment of $149, and with that, you will get instant access to the membership-only website.

As of writing, they slashed the price at $108, and you can lock in that discounted rate for the coming years by joining today.

Once you have successfully subscribed to them, the site will unlock all the previous copies of The Barefoot Writer magazines and grant you access to the free instructional videos about writing.

You also get notified about the latest writing contests that you can partake in as a member.

They will also be sending you eight types of reports: 👇

  1. The Nine Ways You Can Do It (free report) ✔
  2. The Smart Start Copywriting Program (valued at $79) ✔
  3. The $500 Email Secret (valued at $39) ✔
  4. The Secret of the 1-Hour Work Week (valued at $39) ✔
  5. Get Paid to Surf The Web (valued at $39) ✔
  6. The Lazy Writer’s Path to a Six-Figure Income (valued at $39) ✔
  7. Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation (valued at $39) ✔
  8. 130 Amazing Perks and Freebies for Barefoot Writers (valued at $39) ✔


If you ever become interested in seeing this for yourself, I recommend that you download their free 49-page report on the nine significant ways you can earn as a freelance writer.

It is well written, which makes it perfect for beginners. However, it does not explain vividly the necessary steps you should take in jumpstarting your career.

I also find it weird that almost every other page is an upsell to a particular service or product.

On the upside, if you want to do a test-drive on this, you can do so by merely joining their page, but make sure that you cancel your membership within the first 12 months.


Allow me to shed some truth. 🤓

Contrary to what is marketed at the Barefoot Writer’s website, the possibility of earning more than a thousand dollars from just a single article is almost impossible for a beginner.

If you are a complete newbie in the field, trust me when I say that you will have to start on $5 and slowly work your way up. The promises that are listed on the site are not in touch with barefoot writer legit Are you having a hard time believing me? If so, I encourage you to check out this link on Fiverr and see the range of prices that new freelancers are enjoying for yourself. 

I see a lot of $5s and $10s there. That is the reality for most beginners, and there is nothing wrong with that. For me, it is so misleading, which is why I do not recommend this to my readers at all.


Is the Barefoot Writer a scam?

While its mother company is reputable and clearly not a scam, I feel that the shady marketing and vague services offered on the Barefoot Writer’s website are questionable. 

In fact, I don’t think that Barefoot Writer is an educational platform at all. Instead, it is more invested in selling the magazine membership and the services of AWAI. In this sense, I believe that they are a scam. ❌ 😠


While they may have some video courses, they are not on the same level as the free videos you can find on Coursera or even Edx

Additionally, if you become a member, you will realize that most of the site’s free training materials are not as impressive as they seem. If you are seriously hoping for a writing career, I suggest that you skip this company and invest in books with no fluffs and upsells.


It’s Time to Wrap Up My Barefoot Writer Review. (But Wait!

With a vast number of online opportunities today, I understand why it is so hard for you to decide which one might best for you. If you are someone who is:

  1. Interested in writing about the things you are passionate about ✓
  2. Willing to commit time and effort to learn the latest techniques associated with marketing and online writing ✓
  3. Looking for a legitimate way to earn 4 to 5 figures online monthly ✓
  4. Enthusiastic about the idea of building an online business ✓
  5. Willing to create a passive source of income ✓


Then I might have something for you! 😉

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before, but the business model I’m talking about is called affiliate marketing and is perhaps one of the best ways to start earning online. 

It’s one of the most common ways that people make a living on the internet, and there’s a good reason behind that. Affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward, and it works like a charm. 

All you have to do as an affiliate is to connect a particular audience with the specific product or service that you are promoting and earn a predefined commission whenever a sale happens through one of your affiliate links. 

Barefoot Writer There are many approaches to affiliate marketing, but the way I like to do it is with free traffic, and allow me to explain why. 😊


Contrary to paid, free traffic takes longer to grow, but once it does, it will act as a steady flow of traffic, meaning that it won’t be affected if you decide to stop investing money in it. (as compared to paid🙃

The best form of free traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it represents a method of building out your site in a way that ensures it appears high in the ranking of Google. (ideally the 1st page

If I summarized SEO in a nutshell, I would say that it is a traffic technique that requires you to produce helpful and meaningful content for your readers. 


In other words, you’d be writing content and making sales. 🤑


You can start off by creating a free website where you will be expected to write reviews and share your honest opinion of the products and services that you’ll be promoting.  

The content that will be on your website will contain your affiliate links, and once people decide to click through them and purchase the product at the other end of the funnel, you’ll get a sale. 😃

You see, the blog you’re on now is an ideal example of what an affiliate website should look like, and I could not have built it without the help of one of the most supporting affiliate marketing community.

The community I’m referring to goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate, and it the represents the same platform that gave me all the tools, training, and most importantly, support to innovate and thrive in this crazy online world. 


And do you know what the bright side about it is? It can help you do the same. 🤩


I am a premium member of WA, and I can comfortably vouch for the legitimacy of this platform. 

The training inside works, and you landing on this page and reading my article on whether Barefoot is a scam or not just reinforces my statement. 


But why am I telling you all of this? 😏

Because I want to mentor you personally and help you achieve financial independence by testing and putting your writing skills to fair use. 


Do you want my advice? 😁

Sign up for the forever FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership and see whether this platform is something you would want to take part in. 

I don’t want to bother you too much, and that’s why it’s time for me to end this Barefoot Writer review, and tell you that the choices are hinges of your destiny. 

Feel free to reach out to me if there’s some way that I can help, and know that I wish you the best of luck wherever life takes you. Until next time, my dear friend! 



Research has always been my expertise. If ever you find yourself lost and stuck on whether you should purchase or subscribe to an online product or service, let me do the investigation for you. Just drop the name below, and I’ll do my best to serve you the hottest bits about it. 💯 👋


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