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Hi, and welcome to my Upland.me review.

There are too many indications that Upland is a scam and a well-designed pyramid scheme whose sole purpose is to trick investors into investing as much money as possible, giving them the illusion that they own a valuable asset. It’s in your best interest to read this review carefully to not only learn the details of this hoax but also to get acquainted with a much better, more credible business model that, by the way, earns me well over $4000 every month.



So, you want to know whether Upland is a scam? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, we’ll discuss and explore the brand new NFT metaverse Upland, yet another digital world that claims it will quickly become the largest and most dynamic blockchain-based economy where you can purchase a virtual property mapped to a real-world address. Kind of similar to Earth 2

In this exclusive fictional world, which is practically a digital copy of our actual planet, you will supposedly be able to live your ideal life where you can build your dream house, start a profitable virtual business, and earn UPX coins or United States dollars by selling your NFT properties in a free open marketplace.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been tempted by the idea of ​​becoming a landowner and earning a return on your properties. While owning real estate in this invented world is possible, I’m sure you’re dying to know if it’s worth spending your hard-earned bucks on a virtual asset that may or may not increase in value.

This adventure-promising virtual belongings trading game has undoubtedly experienced unprecedented growth and success since its launch in early 2018.

Still, as you may know, a good beginning doesn’t always mean a good end. It’s a creative concept, but even though it sounds very irresistible, I think you should know some things before deciding if it’s worth investing in this mega project.


There are many indicators that Upland is a scam.

A lot of people have already invested serious money into this game, which makes you wonder if anything will come out of this in the long term. And I did the same, not to profit, but to understand what this game offers and if its bold promises are at least a little realistic. I believe you will want to hear what I have to say.

By the time you’re done with this Upland review, you will have more than enough information to decide if it’s worth investing your savings in this digital world.

I have no connection with Uplandme Incorporated, the company behind this mega scheme, nor with any of their competition, which means that I have no benefit if I lure you to put your hard-earned money into this. This should assure you that frankness is all you will get from me. ~ this is a clear, unbiased review.

If you have already invested, at least a little, in this platform, then I would ask you to share your experience so far so that the rest of the readers of my blog can get a clearer picture of what Upland is all about and what they can expect if they follow in your footsteps. Not only they, but I too will be very grateful to you.


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Upland Review

I’ll be honest with you from the get-go by letting you know that although it seems rather promising, Upland is a very dangerous virtual world that may crash at any minute. The only reason this project is still functional is because of the constant great interest in it so far, which is starting to show slight signs of decline.

Search the web, and you will see many mixed opinions about this game. Some, like me, are extremely sceptical that something worthwhile will come out of this, while others praise it as if they have never seen how fast pyramid schemes sink.

The fact that you can lose your investment doesn’t make Upland a pyramid scheme. What makes Upland a pyramid scheme is that its entire system depends on new investors’ money, meaning that if the interest in this game drops unexpectedly, so will the value of your plots, unfortunately. ~ I know, it sucks.

All the money this company makes comes from the investments of new members and the transaction fee they pay when they purchase, sell or trade а property.

Since the launch of this game, the price of the plots has increased drastically due to the fact that more and more people are finding out about it and deciding to play it. At first, lots in attractive locations were sold for a pittance, but as interest in this game grew, so did the price of the lots. What goes up must come down.

I am not saying you will lose all your money if you invest in virtual real estate. On the contrary, there are still chances you will profit or at least fully recover your investment and break even, which is still much better than losing it all. Even if you don’t make any money, you will gain experience that will serve you later in life.

However, you have to understand that in the same way that the price of plots rose, it can also fall. If the interest in this game does not continue to grow, fewer and fewer people will buy properties, and thus the price of the already existing lots will fall. Trust me; you don’t want to own any parcels when this happens.

Upland reviewMany people argue that Upland is not a pyramid scheme because there is actually a product that’s being sold, a piece of virtual land. The fact that so many people believe that a virtual piece of land can have the same or even greater value than a real piece of land is ridiculous to me, and I’ll tell you why later on.


Dirk Lueth, the co-founder at Upland, is not even a gaming fanatic. In fact, he has no experience creating games of this nature, which is a little surprising.

I must admit, the funniest thing to me are the supporters of this game who try to justify its legitimacy by bragging about making $200-300 within a year.

While some profit is better than no profit, I wouldn’t brag about such small amounts of money because, to be honest, I’d make more money mowing yards.

If you look at their roadmap, you will notice that a huge number of their promises, almost all of them in fact, are unfulfilled, which is really strange, especially when it comes to a nearly five-year-old game. I would think twice about investing in a project that needs half a decade to get past its first development stage.


Don’t get me started on its gameplay, if you can even call it that. 

Upland must try harder to keep the attention of its users because, as an investor, there must be some elements of an actual game that will keep you engaged and make you play the idiotic game longer. For now, you can only move around with an imaginary figure and buy lots, hoping they will increase in value. ~ disappointing. 


I admit it’s not the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played.

While I think that %99 of NFT games are complete bullsh*t and a waste of time, at least the rest of the games I’ve had the chance to see and play so far have had some semblance of a real game, and at least they managed to hold my attention and amuse me, even it was for a little bit, despite me not being a game fanatic.

If Upland wants to stay in the market and continue its unhurried expansion, not lose its relevance, and match its competition, it will have to put in a lot more effort and make massive changes to its gameplay. If it wants to see any long-term success, it must implement more creative methods. There’s no other way.

is Upland legit For now, Upland is nothing more than a monotonous game filled with empty promises where you can buy virtual lots of land and pretend to be an owner.


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that if you want to explore the map and look for properties, you’ll have to pay about two and a half dollars for a plane or train ticket, which is way too much, considering that it will start to add up over time.


Do NFTs Have Value? 

Compared to e-coins, NFTs have almost no value. The only time an NFT has value is when it provides worth in something else, such as this game in this case.

A digital coin and a made-up digital piece of land are pretty much the same things, the only difference being that one has actual real-life applications. They’re both “valuable” to some extent because of limitation and scarcity, but their value also diminishes as soon people lose interest in them. ~ it is what it is. 

In other words, you can use cryptos to buy things in the real world, while NFTs only have in-game significance. On top of that, cryptos are regulated by a wider market, while with NFTs, there’s zero price oversight, meaning that a seller can easily manipulate the price and technically ask for any dollar amount.

I hope that clears everything up for you.


Is Upland a Scam?

Yes, Upland is a scam NFT metaverse that may crash any minute.

So far, I’ve had the chance to test several digital worlds, and almost all of them work on the same lame principle. They offer fictional pieces of land, promoting them as a valuable product and, in a way, comparing them to real-world plots, which is far from the truth. The only reason a digital asset has any value is that the thought of limiting land creates fear of missing out. That’s just about it.


Even though this is indeed a very ambitious project…

…I have no choice but to classify Uplands’ virtual world as one big scam. The reason why it hasn’t collapsed until now is that there has been a constant interest in it from the very beginning, which is slowly but surely starting to decrease.

On top of that, it doesn’t have any elements of a real game, which means that unless you invest large sums of money, there’s nothing to hold your attention and make you play the game again and again. At least the other metaverses I’ve had the chance to visit offered some 3D simulations that resembled a normal game.


Applying physical world limits to virtual worlds is pointless.

If I’m brutally honest, all of this reminds me of a well-thought-out Ponzi scheme where virtual assets have a false, pumped-up value, which is very unstable and can disappear anytime. Because Upland is a made-up world that the creators can effortlessly expand at any time, all your plots are at constant risk of losing value.


Do you know what makes real-life real estate so profitable? 

It is limitation and scarcity. In the real world, the number of plots is limited, meaning they are much more valuable than virtual plots because, unlike in the digital world, they can not be constantly expanded using a small snippet of code. 

The creators of this game have complete control over their world, which means that they can freely, without any effort whatsoever, expand the world and thus increase the number of plots, directly affecting the price of your properties.

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No one guarantees that the developers will not decide to add some brand new expansion to the game as soon as all their plots are sold, if they are sold at all.

This is how the game has worked until now: Once 90% of the plots in a city are sold, they open a new city and permit its users to buy properties there. What do you think will happen when they run out of cities to open? 


Let’s say you own a flat in the center of San Francisco. 

That property is yours personally and has a certain value, which is, in all probability, very high, precisely because its location is unique and no one can, even if they wanted to, build on top of your property. Your parcel is so “priceless” because there aren’t many apartments with such a beautiful view as yours.

Possessing the same apartment in the exact location in a virtual game is not the same since no one guarantees that Uplands’ creators won’t decide to create a fictional island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, directly affecting the value of your property. Now you know why I laugh at people who try to convince me that a virtual piece of land can have the same or even greater value than a real piece. 


This is why real estate is so valuable in real life.

If you want to buy a parcel in a convenient place, you better be prepared to shell out a lot of money because there aren’t many attractive locations where it is worth buying a house or land (the numbers are limited.) Creating a new piece of land on our Earth is impossible, contrary to what can happen in this game.


That is the whole foundation of the Upland scam.

This sneaky organization, led by people who are not really game lovers, has come up with a perfect strategy to get you, the user, to invest your hard-earned dollars in their game by giving you the illusion that you are investing in real estate when in fact you are not. I have to admit that they’re very skilled in persuasion.

You are just investing in blocks of land in an unreal world, which may or may not increase in value, depending on how many fools are tricked into investing in this project. Strip away the names of well-known cities, the postcodes, and street names, and all you’re left with is a simple map that resembles planet earth.

This game has nothing to do with real estate; unfortunately, too many people will fail to realize the truth about this project, and most will likely invest a huge chunk of their savings. Now that I think about it, I might even classify virtual real estate as the largest rip-off of the internet age cause it’s surely not the “next big thing.”


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I was relatively inexperienced, immature, and somewhat naive back then, so I spent much of my savings on silly, worthless courses. However, I would not say that I regret my actions because I did learn that not all that glitters is gold with time, which is one of the reasons I’m skeptical of projects like Upland.

is Upland worth it I’m telling you this because I believe you landed on this Upland review because you’re looking for a way to create a source of steady passive income for yourself. 


Well, if you need me to, I can lend a helping hand. I would be really glad to help you out because I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by information that often leads you to a scammer. Remember, I was you not too long ago. 

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I know you treasure your time, and I’d hate to waste it. 

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I guess it’s about time for me to end this Upland review…

…so I hope my explanations, truths, and arguments were enough to persuade you that Upland is an utter scam from start to finish and that you should put some serious thought into dodging this virtual pyramid scheme. I know it’s your money, and you are free to do whatever you please, but I’d hate to see you lose your money, especially now that you discovered all these things. ~ did my review help? 

If you want me to elaborate on something even further, or if you feel like I missed out on something, feel free to comment down below, and as always, I’ll try my best to get back to you on time. I usually reply within 24 hours, so bear with me. 





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