Valiant Consultants Review

Is Valiant Consultants a Scam or Can You Really Win on Amazon?


Welcome to my Valiant Consultants review. 

Amazon truly holds opportunities for anyone that desires to establish a fully digital business. And perhaps, this is the reason why you want to find out whether Valiant Consultants is a scam or a legit team of experts to help you navigate the Amazon battlefield. 


So that you know, I totally get your train of thought on this. 🙂

Who wouldn’t want to have regular four-figure earnings rolling into their bank account each and every month without having to lift a finger? 

I have always believed that the internet is a treasure chest filled with many opportunities for all kinds of different folks.

Some may have earned through creating their brands, while others were able to profit quite handsomely just by doing side hustles alone. 

The web has proven to be an excellent source of income that stimulates our economy and paves the way for more jobs to be created. 

If you’d asked people that ten years ago, no one would have ever thought that you could get a stable income or earn that much just by being online. 


It’s fair to say that things have changed drastically. 

Now more than ever, people are becoming more open to trying out online opportunities to earn more in their free time on top of their salary. 

While some businesses are genuinely worth the shot, we cannot deny that most need a considerable investment and take up so much time. 

It’s almost impossible and relatively challenging to do all that while pursuing a career during the daytime. Trust me, I know. 

Is Valiant Consultants a scamIf you bothered to read my about page, you know that I’m clearly speaking from experience since this is exactly what I did when I first started in this often-confusing, usually overwhelming online ‘biz’ industry. 


But what if I told you that you could partner up with a team that will do all the heavy lifting for you and helps you run a full-blown Amazon store. 

I mean, literally run it for you even if you’re not physically there to track orders and do all that fun stuff that comes with managing an e-com store. 

I know what you are thinking – could this really be possible? 



Well, this is the promise of the ever-popular Valiant Consultants

According to their website, their consulting group paves the way for aspiring business owners to relax as they will have a professional team that will build, run, process orders, and handle customer service for you. 

As I’m writing this review, they currently have a total of 427 stores under their belt, with combined sales reaching up to a million dollars!

Would you be willing to give them the keys to your business? Please find out more about this in my complete Valiant Consultants review today. 

Before we dive right into it, let me just clarify that I’m not connected to the company, nor will I get compensated in any way, shape, or form if you ever decide to sign up for their service. 

Please remember that my only reason for writing this is to shed light on what their company is all about and its quality. Just like you, I hate seeing people waste their time and resources on something that doesn’t work. 

Also, suppose you want to learn the ins and outs of e-commerce from the best coaches in the industry with over 16 years of experience. 

 Valiant Consultants ReviewIn that case, please feel free to check out my #1 recommendation, as it is truly one of the best platforms to get started in this online world. 💰


It’s the same training platform that transformed me from an average Joe into someone who will always be able to generate income online. 

I used their well-thought-of game plan and went from $0 to earning $1000’s online, and I’m absolutely sure that you too can do the same. 

Please understand that this is not some done-for-you system that I’m recommending you try. It’s a real business you’ll be building, and I just want to make sure you’re aware and okay with that. 

I believe it’s a better alternative to Valiant Consultants because it is relatively cheaper, works better, and is less of a hassle to maintain. 

The best part about it is that you can test it out for free, and believe it or not, they won’t even ask you to pull out your credit card. 

It’s up to you what you want to do! 


Valiant Consultants Review

The Valiant Consultants Inc. has been in the Amazon automation industry since 2017, with headquarters at 1200 Brickell Ave, Miami, Florida. 

Basically, the whole business provides interested people to consider a done-for-you type of FBA service for their Amazon stores since the entire concept of the Fulfillment by Amazon can be a bit complex – add to this the time-consuming part of setting up and listing individual products!

The Valian Consultants’ offer is very tempting in the sense that you practically don’t have to do anything! Just lay the groundwork for your store, tell them your budget, give them access to your account, and let them deal with all the nitty-gritty details. 

With such a simple scheme, there is no surprise why this brand has so many followers, with about 94k on Instagram! They do not have a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account, but from the metrics of their Instagram, I guess the company is doing well. 

Its CEO and leading man, Steven Mayer, is why the company has become such a hit. Before building the company, Steven was pretty famous on social media as someone who helps other FBA enthusiasts.

When he realized that people were willing to pay for his knowledge and consultation services, he created a coaching program known as the 2.0 Amazon FBA Freedom Hackers Academy, available for $2997. 

From there, he created case studies with his students, which helped him develop a business product for the Valiant Consultants.

At first, the Valian Consultants were viewed as the premium product to try out as you just had to pay them and let them do all the work for you. 

However, there were adverse reports and reviews on BBB and Trustpilot that most of the stores they were handling were suspended by Amazon. 

is Valiant Consultants legit

The reason behind this is that he used to offer drop shipping services for their clients, and this is definitely against the terms of service of Amazon. ❌


Technically, if you want to sell with Amazon, you have to have your own inventory. It doesn’t matter if the product is from China or anywhere else, for that matter. What is essential is that you have a product that will be delivered to the facility of Amazon. 

So, by 2020, Valiant Consultants chose to switch things up and revamped their website and services from dropshipping to wholesale FBA. 

The company does not have any reviews from legitimate media sources, which means their service is not as popular as we hoped. 

Usually, I feel very comfortable with a product that CNBC or Yahoo Finance features, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here. 

It appears to me that the only reason why it’s popular on social media is because of their advertisements, which answer to pain points such as:

  1. Not having enough time to set up an Amazon store
  2. Someone is constantly looking to increase their passive income
  3. Aspiring entrepreneurs don’t understand Amazon’s complex model. 

Therefore, the only edge they have is that they offer convenience but at a considerable cost! While the prices may fluctuate depending on your store’s niche and goals, most reviews show that you will need anywhere between $15k – $40k just to set things up. 


You also need to pay more to get new products based on their research.

What makes this company extra sketchy is that some of the stores only ran for a week and then were suspended the following week! 

I find it a bit unbelievable for him or his team not to determine what actions in an Amazon store can cause such a suspension. 

I mean, the fact that they hold about 400+ stores should already give them enough opportunity to study what works and what doesn’t, right?

Steven released a reaction video (no longer available) just this March, with many people threatening to file lawsuits against the company. 


Even Beau Crabill believes that Valiant Consultants is a scam. 

The comment section was turned off and the video earned about 46 downvotes showing that they were not satisfied with his explanations.

He was just defending the company by claiming that it wasn’t a scam and that if it were one, it would be easy for them to take the money and run. 

His words didn’t really mean much to me because the testimonials he added to the video do not provide much information. 

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best way to make money online


As a response to all this, he also stated that the Valiant Consultants would not be opening slots for new customers anymore to focus on helping those under them grow.

From the way I see it, this response shows that their company is afraid of possible lawsuits, so I’m assuming they want to ensure that everything goes well for their current customers to avoid any unwanted scenarios. 

He even shared in the video that he sold his luxurious stuff and cars to add in more money for the company. So, does this mean that Valiant Consultants is really on the rocks? You be the judge of that. 


How Does The Valiant Consultants’ Automation Service Work?

As stated by Sophie Howard, there are different ways to earn money from Amazon. As for Valiant Consultants, they make the most of their money from providing a quick and easy done-for-you service, which means that your store can run no matter what time of day it is. 

It is perfect for those just starting out and those interested in scaling their e-commerce stores. To become a customer, all you have to do is book a call and share your plans and goals with them. 

After that, they will give you a quotation to show how much the product will cost you, and then they will help you out with the store. Once you provide them with access to the store, you can expect them to do seven crucial things for you:

  1. Product research – they will identify profitable products you must have under your chosen niche. They consistently provide you with reports, and you have to check which of these products you would also like to add.

  2. Listing construction  once you have chosen the product, they will create the copy and images to boost your ranking.

  3. Supplier selection and inventory management – you will be given a list by the Valiant Consultants’ team of where you can get the products, and all you have to do is purchase from them.

  4. Order processing – they will process all your orders, returns, and refund requests.

  5. Order tracking – their team will follow up with clients and track all orders.

  6. Customer service – the heart of any business is when you get positive reviews for your store. Their team will be the ones who will fetch those for you and help you out with customer service.

  7. Scaling your store – since the likes and most desirable items change quickly, their team of specialists will explore the field and give you the trendiest items that you must have in your store.


Is Valiant Consultants a Scam?

Amazon is truthfully one of the best places to earn thousands or even millions of dollars in sales every month! It’s possible to get consistent results from this alone if you understand digital marketing techniques. 

It has proved to be the stepping stone of some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Beau Crabill, Dan Vas, Greg Mercer, and Tatiana James. 

Answering whether Valiant Consultants is a scam or not is difficult since I see tons of red flags. In my eyes, Valiant Consultants is legit as they have delivered their products and services as reflected on the BBB site.

Valiant Consultants reviewsRegardless, I do not recommend it because that alone doesn’t really show that their clients are generating good profit! 


If I were you, I’d surely go after FBA courses, test drive what works for my desired niche, and determine which approach is most suitable. 

I understand that taking this route will be a bit demanding, but at least this way, you can control how much you will spend for the startup. 

If you think that this is not something you will be inclined to do, I highly suggest that you check out my most recommended way of earning online.  


How I Make A Living Online

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to start a business online without having to spend as much money just to set it up? 

Experience is the teacher of all things, and my experience has taught me that building a profitable business online doesn’t have to be as expensive

I’m telling you this because I want to introduce you to the step-by-step blueprint that’s responsible for my success and tell you that you, too, can step into my shoes and create a rock-solid business without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. 

The business I’ll be introducing you to works perfectly fine, but like any other, it demands perseverance and a little bit of elbow grease. 

I’ve made thousands of dollars doing this throughout the years, but everything that came my way was earned with blood, sweat, and tears. 


Whether you see success is entirely up to you and your work ethic. 

Just please don’t expect to make hundreds of thousands of dollars upon starting because there’s no such thing as an overnight success story. 

Everyone that says differently is either a scammer or a clueless, ignorant bastard that’s trying to trick you into spending your hard-earned money on yet another done-for-you system that will likely never EVER work. 

Valiant Consultants alternativeI hate to keep you waiting, so to better understand how I come up with the goods, I suggest you take a look at my money guide as it clearly explains everything there is to know about my business line. 💸


Inside it, I speak about what got me into this, some challenges that came along the way, and I even share what I believe is the best way to get started for less than a $1 per day. 

Just by doing this, I created a working system that granted me my personal and financial freedom and made it possible to quit my 9 to 5. 

I’m not saying it was easy, but it was well worth it. If you choose to give my business line a chance, you’ll learn all kinds of cool stuff like: 

  1. How this making money online thing works 
  2. How to select the most profitable niches 
  3. How to build a website that sells for you 24/7 
  4. How to optimize it, so it attracts 1000’s of customers. 
  5. How to automate the process by outsourcing. 
  6. And a whole lot more…

I believe it’s about time I end this Valiant Consultants review, so hopefully, I was able to provide you with a clear answer of whether this team of automation experts is legit or a complete scam and a waste of time. 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. 👋



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