Is Dave Vegas a Fraud

Is Vegas Dave a Scammer or the Best Gambling Hustler Ever?

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to earn worthwhile money through sports betting or even sports card flipping? 

If you have, I invite you to read today’s post as I share with you the juiciest details I have on one of the most talked-about people in the industry and answer the question of whether Vegas Dave is a scammer or a legitimate gambling guide. 


Gambling is a large-scale industry. 🎲

I, for one, have never understood the hype around it since I firmly believe that it can be the fastest route to lose all of your hard-earned money. 

Trust me when I say that it’s very much possible to lose all of your saving when betting, and here’s one valid reason why that is. 

Psychology states that when gamblers lose, they become even more eager to try out their luck again in the hopes of being successful on the second try!

Despite its volatility, it seems that there’s only a few of us here who shares that sentiment. You see, in America alone, around twenty states have been authorized to operate sports betting since 2020.

Among the front runners on those who want to legalize this form of opportunity is the state of New Jersey. 

In June 2018, the Governor officially signed the bill, which changed the way of living of 21-year-olds and older citizens. 

Apparently, all forms of sports betting within the state are now officially allowed, including online and mobile sports!

Is Vegas Dave a scammerWith such a decree, other states have filed similar legislation, and it seems that this industry shows no sign of slowing down. More and more countries support this due to the fantastic revenue that it can provide the government with. 💸 📈


A quick Google search shows that the industry is poised to grow even more extensively across the globe, given the number of new legal online platforms that can operate worldwide!

Some of the most well-known sports betting sites are BetwayWilliam HillLadbrokesBetOnline, and DraftKings

And just like how we do it on the stock market, many gurus have been around forecasting signals and directing people which of the teams have the winning odds. 


Now, this is where it all gets tricky! 🙃

For interested individuals, how exactly can you filter out those so-called gurus from real gambling hustlers online right? 

Well, if you have been doing your research about this, I bet you have heard of the ever-popular handicapper that goes by the name of Vegas Dave. 

While other similar betting “consultants” have been busy hyping their systems or showing how to compute probabilities, our guy Vegas Dave brings something different to the table. 

He is different because he cashes out large bets, but some calls have turned out to be utterly untrue as expected. 

Contrary to that, he still calls himself the guy who has the power to foresee the things waiting to unfold. 

This is why he remains firm in promoting his Vegas Dave’s Sports Packages, which allow you to receive an email that contains the winning teams and the best betting strategies that go alongside them. 


Are you interested to learn more? 😊

Let’s dig right into the next few parts of this post, but before we do that, let me clarify that I am in no way connected with Vegas Dave or his company. 

I am not getting paid to write this post and what you will read here is my honest expose of who he is and whether he’s a legitimate betting guide or another scammer you should look out for. 

The primary purpose of me writing this post is to keep you safe on the internet, and if that sits well with you, hang on tight as I present to you the undeniable truth surrounding Dave Oancea. 


Who is Dave Oancea?

Also known as Vegas Dave or the Futures King, our star of the show is not just some regular guy who hangs around the NBA court with his Birkin Bag Collection. 

He is not even some fella who drives around with a Ferrari 488 Spider and a hottie inside it. 

He is simply the man who has made history by selling a one-of-a-kind rookie card of Mike Trout for $3.93 million in 2020 after just purchasing it at around $400k in 2018.

He has always found solace in creating money, as reflected by his early years buying and selling baseball cards. He had his first entrepreneurial encounter at 13 years olds, where he made around $5k a month. 

What’s even more surprising is that he developed this attraction to easy money and even used his college loan for the first semester. He spent it all on The Palms.

Yep, you read that right! He was splitting his time between being a student at Leeward Community College and becoming a sports bettor. As luck would have it, he holds several huge payouts in his lifetime, including: 

•  $2.5 Million on Kansas City Royals (2015)

•  $2.3 Million on Denver Broncos (2016)

•  $2 Million on Atlanta Falcons (2017)

•  $300k (2016) and $240 (2015) on UFC payout ✓


Aside from all those sparkly things mentioned, Dave Nakama Oancea also had his fair share of monkey business. 

In 2017, he was found dealing and ghosting a buyer who bought a PSA 10 Michael Jordan rookie card from him. The worst part about it? 

When the buyer went to the Professional Sports Authenticator, he was surprised to receive a letter stating that the card is not even real!


Here’s the letter I found. 👈


Additionally, I find his track record quite questionable as I was surprised that he was barred from negotiating with the following – Nevada Sports Betting, MGM, Westgate, and William Hill. 


And believe it or not, there’s more to it. 😧

He was charged with 19 felony charges in 2017, where he was allegedly using various identities and social security numbers to cover his actual income! 

He was so close to landing in federal prison and serving a 40-year sentence, but his lawyers were able to carve a plea deal. The deal includes three years of probation, gambling counselling, and 150 hours of community service.

Since he cannot do betting, he was forced to pivot on other careers, including going back to his love for collecting and selling sports cards. 

Additionally, since he saw people commenting on his social media accounts about his opinions on the gambling community, he decided to sell his sports tips on who will win!


Vegas Dave As A Sports Card Investor and Flipper

Vegas Dave is one of the most prominent and loudest people in the sports card space. Since he was a kid, he has been in the industry, but it wasn’t until 2017 when he became extra active by buying and selling rampantly via eBay.

He has connected with thousands of international card sellers with the hopes of finding the rarest of them all.

As of October 2020, Vegas Dave is boasting heavily on social media about his Derek Carr Card collection, which is around $2million!

If you have been following him, then you must know that Carr and Trout are two of the mostly dealt cards of Vegas Dave.

He has been forecasting that one of his cards will sell for around six figures in the next 1 to 2 years on his YouTube account.


Vegas Dave As A Sports Handicapper

As seen in the previous video, there is so much more about this guy than just being an avid card collector. 


He has been in the gambling industry for a long time now. 🙂

His website holds all the verified winning tickets showing how he masterfully navigated the betting industry – causing him to file for bankruptcy and have his parents cover all his losses.

He mainly gives baseball tips but has recently been seen offering opinions to his members about the NBA and other sports. 


It works like this – you sign up with an online sports booking platform and deposit whatever you are interested in gambling. 

After that, you can subscribe to his membership package and get a one time e-mail about who will win tonight’s game. 

And speaking of his membership packages, I was quite surprised with the amount! According to his site, the packages’ value changes from time to time depending on the season and the game. 

As of writing, his NBA + NCAAB retails at $795, while his NBA or NCAAB only season package is at $495 each!

While I do not have anything against him regarding his unique card flipping skills, I (along with legions of internet critics) wonder if he’s worthy of being labelled as a handicapper. 

I, for one, do not understand why anyone would like to sign up for a one-time e-mail about an opinion that does not show any other basis or credible explanations.


Sketchy Thing #1 – A-Not-So-professional email address!

His website is where he posts all his important media achievements and proof of his winning tickets. 

Now, if you would like to inquire about something, you might be surprised to know that he does not have an official e-mail address. 

I mean, he does, but it doesn’t look professional at all! He may have a whole media team set-up, but it seems that he forgot that minute detail.

When you click on the “see packages” button, you will also see another e-mail address that is different from what is posted on this page’s bottom

The new e-mail address is, not that I’d be more comfortable dealing with it. Sometimes the smallest things matter, and this minor detail is worthy of mentioning. 


Sketchy Thing #2 – The packages are way too pricey 

Aside from his sales page not looking as it should (even the content write-up is a mess!), I was surprised to know that his membership packages are at the highest prices. 

But you see, in one of his recent interview, it turns out that he might be supercharging the current amount to over a thousand dollars for a tip!

What makes him sketchy is that if you listen to his words on his YouTube videos, you can sense that his justifications are baseless, and for me, that is a big deal! 

Is Vegas Dave Legitimate I know that some sever bettors may tend to bet massive amounts of money out there, which is why I highly suggest that you think twice if you’re considering to sign up with him. ❌


While I do not suggest that you go to the stock market, I find investment newsletters a bit more attractive at this point! 

I mean, come to think of it, gurus like McCallBadialiKing, and Rickards, give tutorial videos and sound investment advice with complete technical analysis for just around $47 to $100! 

Doesn’t that offer more value for money? 💭


Is Vegas Dave A Scammer?

Here’s the thing – as a card flipper, I have nothing wrong to say about him. ✅

However, when it comes to his membership packages, I am quite dubious about whether he can give calls and tips based on his assumptions alone. 

Even as I end this post, I still find it funny that in about 65 videos I watched about him, not even once has he mentioned the basis for his judgements on the gaming sphere.

At the same time, please note that his million-dollar wins are real, which is probably why he uses different social security numbers to hide exactly how much he is winning. 

With his cash, he is now transitioning to Mexico’s real estate market, so I guess this is not the last time we’ll be hearing from him. Who knows, I might have to update this post very soon. 


It is not only me who finds him a bit unbelievable. 😄

Even Forbes and the New York Post made an exclusive about him! And for the first time in my researching career, I found a petition that encourages the FBI to investigate him via

Despite such, I cannot label him as a scam as he actually managed to become a serial card flipper and a great motivational speaker. For the record, his speeches are about finding direction in life and not about gambling. 


Don’t Throw and Hope. Aim and Fire! 🎯

The thing about gambling is that most of the time, people are not earning at all. 

They are merely losing their hard-earned money and are willingly feeding off the dopamine, not knowing that they might get too high and develop a severe gambling addiction. 


With this being said – I encourage you to go down a different path and look for legitimate opportunities online.

Just like Vegas Dave said in one of his videos, you must try out all the available opportunities brought about by technology. 


You do not have to go all-in. 🃏

You simply have to know your options, test the waters, and see which one can give you the best profits – whether it be freelancing, establishing a digital business, or even starting up a full-blown e-commerce store. 


No matter what you are keen on – you just have to follow your passion, and that is what I did with this website. 

You see, the website you are on now is a fondness project, meaning that this is not just something that I dived into because it is profitable. 

This site earned $4.376 last month, but money has never been a driving force of motivation for me. I am here exposing truths about online schemes because this is what I love doing.


But do you want to hear something that can motivate you? ⭐

This simple site has allowed me to become financially independent and break free from my tedious 9 to 5 job, and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to the blueprint that made it all possible

Without it, none of this would have happened, nor would I sit here and write this review on the notorious Dave Vegas. 

I do not doubt in my mind that my number one recommendation for earning money online is easily more outstanding in importance than any other magical sports betting guide you’ll find. 

My most recommended method comes in the form of an online business in which you get paid to promote and sell other people’s products and services in exchange for a predetermined commission. 

More often than not, the commissions surpass the %40 marks, meaning that you have the chance to partner up with someone and take nearly half of their earnings without actually owning the product or service you’re promoting. 

Affiliate marketing has been my go-to choice for years now, and here are some reasons as to why I think you should consider becoming an affiliate yourself: 

  1. It’s one of the most common ways people earn money online. 
  2. Its straightforwardness makes it ideal for newbies. 
  3. Its passiveness frees up your time tremendously. 
  4. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge or expertise. 
  5. Compared to other business models, AM has a low startup cost. 
  6. It can be done by literally anyone. (see a list of success stories) 👈


You have to believe me when I say that I can go on until the end of time to try and explain how great, tempting, and appealing AM is. 

Still, it might be better if we skip all of that and you have a look at my ultimate affiliate marketing guide instead.

It will teach you everything you need to know to start your very first successful affiliate marketing business, including what AM is, its advantageous nature, and all the little dirty tips and tricks surrounding this prosperous industry.


Same as you – I was once a rookie who knew very little about how this making money online thing works.

However, I was fortunate to stumble upon a community that shared all the pieces of training, tools, and support I needed to become the affiliate that I am today.

With this being said, I would love nothing more than introduce them to you and get you to understand that you too can have a bright future working from home.

Wealthy Affiliate has been the leading affiliate marketing platform of the past decade, and inside you have everything you need to build your first successful affiliate marketing business.

Vegas Dave Review As they did for me, they can also provide you with all the learning materials, the much-needed tools, and the undeniable support every step of the way. 🤩 👍


If you give me a chance, it would be my utmost pleasure to greet and mentor you inside, and at the same time, give you my best pointers and help you reach success faster.

Wealthy Affiliate currently deals with a unique membership model (a freemium one) that lets you participate in the course’s first few lessons. 

That alone should give you more than enough time to make up your mind whether a career in AM is one worthy of pursuing.

As a starter member, you’ll have a chance to communicate with me, but even better, get in touch with some of the best affiliates in the world and pick up their brains without actually paying a dime.

As I end this review, I hope that I could give you a clear and insightful take on the service provided by Vegas Dave. 

If you have any other products, gurus, or services that you would like me to review on this site, just send the name below, and I’ll investigate them instantly. 👋



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