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The Blitz Tracker Review: The $1997 Trade Secret To Fortune

Out of all the investment vehicles available today, options trading seems to be the one enjoying the spotlight. 

Unlike traditional investing, options allow anyone to create unique strategies based on the market’s volatility and time value. 

While it may be fun to learn, note that it is incredibly complicated for total beginners, which is perhaps one of the reasons why you landed on this page.

In today’s article, I will share a special The Blitz Tracker review with you where we will delve into the highly popular Ippolito-devised trading system and discuss whether it is a complete scam or not.

Now, more than ever, most of us are becoming more vulnerable to falling for scams. And to be honest, we cannot really blame them. We are all just extra conscious about finances due to the pandemic.

In fact, according to Robert Shiller, we are all experiencing not just one pandemic, but two! The first one is COVID itself, and the second pandemic is in the form of financial anxiety.

The Blitz Tracker ReviewAccording to his recent studies, what scares us now more than ever is that we finally realize a genuine threat to our financial stability. 😟


Due to that, many people have spent their quarantine days looking for ideas about risk-free investing, guaranteed trading, and starting a profitable online business.

In terms of investing and trading, I am sorry to burst your bubble. There is no way to find any investment or trading system that can guarantee a trustworthy and risk-free return of profit.


And if ever you find one, trust me when I say that you should run away from it! I can confidently tell you right now that whatever it is, it is just one big fraud. 🙃

You see, back in 2019 alone, financial crimes, including scammy investment schemes, have reached epidemic proportions. This means that a significant number of people have claimed that they were scammed not only by a few bucks but out of their entire life savings.

To enhance your chances of profiting from investments, you must first start by understanding what type of investor you are and how much risk you can take. 

Do not try to rush your analysis because this could significantly affect your decisions (and well-being) during the actual trade. Since I have my fair share of experience investing, allow me to share my quick summary with you, depending on the type of investor you are.

Investor Conservative Moderate Aggressive
Goal Preserve value of money and beat market inflation Stability of returns over high risk opportunities Maximize earning potential regardless of volatility
Effort Low Medium High
 Time Horizon Short term (1-3 Years) Medium to long term (3-5 years) Short to long term (1-10+ years)
Risk Tolerance Loses sleep over small unpredictable declines in fund value Stays calm over small declines, but stresses over sharp ones Remains at peace depite sharp fluctuations and stays optimistic about positive returns
Some Investment Examples Savings and time deposit accounts, bond funds, and money market funds Convertible bond funds, UITFs, blue-chip stock trading, and low volatility ETFs Options trading, small and micro-cap funds, penny stocks, and Forex

The listed investment examples on the table are my safest recommendations based on the number of risks involved. There are other forms of investment opportunities, but these are the ones that I totally recommend.

Now that you landed on this page because you are interested in the position-and-forget process of The Blitz Tracker, that suggests that you are an aggressive investor!

You see, unlike other trading courses/advisories, this one practically deals with the bold (and sometimes reckless) nature of options trading.

Unlike the marketing videos of The Blitz Tracker, options trading is not a free lunch. It’s is not entirely true that you can just click a few buttons and then wait and forget about it until it’s eating time again. 


There are numerous risks involved, and I want you to be aware of that. 😊 


I do not want to herald fear over you, but can you really stomach the quick twists and turns of stock prices?

If you can, then allow me to share my review and help you make your decision on whether you should go after this opportunity or not.

In the spirit of full transparency, do note that I am not (in any way, shape, or form) connected with Ippolito or the trading advisory, so you can rest assured that I will write my honest review and opinions regarding the service.



Trading, in general, is never easy, but your journey will undeniably be more comfortable with the help of specific “gurus” with extensive experiences in the market. 


The thing, though, that you have to worry about is how to find a potential mentor.

I know that I’m not the only one who thinks that not all of these so-called “mentors” are actually good for you. They may sound promising, but their credentials may be sketchy.


In this sense, it is a good thing that you are doing your research first. 👍

Let me guess. He got your complete attention when he said the magic words,”…four or five figure gains over a 24-hour explosion…” 

Who wouldn’t want to get massive gains quickly without putting much effort into learning the market trade tricks, right?WHO IS LANCE IPPOLITOBut before you reach for your wallet and invest in his tracker, let us first get to know the man behind this almost magical trading tool and ultimately resolve the mystery of whether Lance Ippolito is a scammer or a genuine guy that you can trust. 

Lance Ippolito is best known as a successful trader and an educator for transformative trading strategies. Under his belt, he holds a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. 

With such a B.S degree, I can sense that he knows what he is saying. It is probably why his works have been featured by different multimedia outlets such as FuturesMidas Letter, Inside Futures, and Timing Research.

Besides being the CEO of In The Money Trading, he is also connected to Alpha SharkWealth PressNew Money CrewInvesting ShortcutsTrading Simplified, and LAI Capital Corp.

Despite being called a “world famous Options trader,” I cannot really find his LinkedIn account or any news clip (from major news channels) where he is featured.

Additionally, it seems that information about him and his trading journey is not that spread out all over the WWW.


Personally, that is somewhat alarming for me. 🛑 🛑 🛑

Given that the nature of options is precarious and his glorified claims are quite ridiculous, I cannot recommend following his advice blindly because he’s someone who has no proven track record or published qualifications online.


What Is The Blitz Tracker?

“Not in weeks. Not in months. But just 24 hours…” could this promise be real? Let’s find out.

The Blitz Tracker, or previously known as The Weekly Blitz Alert, is a 12-month financial newsletter published under WealthPress, which deals with specific strategies and options trade recommendations by Lance Ippolito. 

Based on the service’s marketing, the alert claims to maximize your capital’s earning potential in as little as 24 hours.


He is leveraging an unusual group of trades known as “shadow blitz.” 👻 

This means that all you have to do for most of your journey is to wait for his alert system to turn green – signifying that a 24-hour explosion is very much possible on that specific option.

What sets this service apart from other newsletters is that it has a Blitz Tracker tool that provides investment alert the day “before” others can ride on a specific stock.

Lance also claims that he has a three-layer guarantee for the Weekly Blitz Tracker Service. Allow me to summarize it in the best way possible:

  1. Layer 1 = access to two trade options every single week.
  2. Layer 2 = maximize profit by five times.
  3. Layer 3 = if dissatisfied with the profits, you will be endorsed to other WealthPress services. Also, you can get your money back in the first month after membership.


It may sound exciting but trust me when I say that nothing is guaranteed in the market. While Lance is promoting complete reliance on The Blitz Tracker (Weekly Blitz Alert), you should never take blind faith in it alone. I have always been an advocate of investing in yourself first.

I am not saying that his software is a complete scam, but I am trying to show you that you cannot blame it whenever it malfunctions since the The Blitz Tracker is supposed to be a guide for you, not a map for your financial adventure.

Judging from the company’s website, you should also not pay much attention to the reviews since it all looks a bit sketchy and hyped. 

There are three reviews on the official site of The Blitz Tracker. All three don’t seem legit, and as a matter of fact, you can find pictures of the reviewers on IMGUR: 

•  Picture of David 

•  Picture of Jackson

•  Picture of Larry 

I have one word for you – S-K-E-T-C-H-Y! 🤨



Unlike other forms of financial subscription services, The Weekly Blitz Tracker is on the higher end. You see, joining comes with a hefty tag price of $1997 (or $2497 for a lifetime membership). It comes with several bundled eBooks and services such as:

•  Weekly Blitz report and videos (About 104 alert times) ✔

•  The Blitz playbook (e-book valued at $199) ✔

•  The Five stock recommendation (e-book valued at $499) ✔

•  The Blitz Alert secrets (video training series valued at $999) ✔

•  Blitz alert special hotline (24-hour customer support valued at $199) ✔

•  Members-only portal (website access valued at $299) ✔

•  Two tickets to the annual Blitz Alert summit (event valued at $1998) ✔


The service is structured in an easy to digest manner, mostly because its target market are those professionals who do not have spare time in learning all the tricky stuff about trading. 

Upon membership, you will have access to the member-only portal, where you will get to see The Blitz Tracker reports on short-term options. 

Once a specific stock option turns green, all you have to do is open the trade right away and close it the following day. 📈


Is The Blitz Tracker a Scam?

To me, The Blitz Tracker is selling the American dream where you can finance the life that you want from anywhere in the world. Now in terms of whether it is a scam or not, I can say that it is not a scam at all, but…


I do not recommend it.


You see, I have a wealth of experience in trading a and I can say that short-term options do not call for short-term positioning. 

To profit from your investments, you sometimes have to extend your horizon for a little bit more (like weeks or even months). That is the reality.

I understand that most of us are motivated and pumped to ride this investment train, but if you depend on alerts like this one throughout your journey, you are just gambling.


With complete reliance on tools like the Blitz Alert, you will never be able to develop an eye for value and personal criteria for positioning on your own. 🙂

As a word of advice for those aspiring to trade actively, I suggest that you learn the basics first or sign-up with more legitimate courses that hold no ridiculous promises (like Warrior Trading, for example). 

Even the SEC has raised alert that investors should be careful in joining these seemingly profitable research websites, advisories, and stock alerts.

So, is The Blitz Tracker a scam? Nope, but there are far better alternatives. 


Why Not Build a Sustainable Online Business Instead? 😊

The market’s unpredictability with its significant highs and spiraling lows is not something I (or you) want to ride with.

Why not spend your time and effort on a more lucrative business model that is more predictable, profitable, and easier to learn?

Like you, I have also been on a constant search for a legit online opportunity to finance the life that I want to live.

I have tried so many things in the past, including CPA marketing, stock market investments, freelancing sites, and what not to be honest, but none of them worked as great as affiliate marketing did for me.


The business model is quite simple, and it works like a charm. ⭐


All you have to do is connect a specific product or a service to a person interested in buying it and earn a predetermined percentage of the sale when it happens.


However, don’t get things confused. 

Just because it works like a charm does not mean it’s undemanding. Affiliate marketing requires persistence, consistency, and considerable input from your end.

Trying to learn affiliate marketing on your own can be a challenging task and is undoubtedly the wrong way to do it. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it sucks.IS THE BLITZ TRACKER A SCAMYou’ll get overwhelmed with information, and you’ll end up buying a $1000 course in hopes that it will solve all of your problems and make you a success story within a couple of months.


Fortunately, you don’t have to walk the same path as I did. ⛔



Because you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a guy that’s willing to guide you every step of the way and show you the little dirty tricks that go behind the creation of a sustainable online business.

I would love nothing more than to personally mentor you and show you the exact step-by-step blueprint you need to follow to get your first profitable affiliate marketing blog to function as it should.


What makes me a good mentor, you wonder? 🤔

Well, it’s perhaps the fact that my knowledge was enough to get you to land on this page and read my Blitz Tracker review. This alone counts for something and is proof that I know my stuff.


Then again, it wasn’t always like that. 🙂

I used to be a guy that knew nothing about building profitable sites, affiliate links, SEO, web traffic, and things of that matter.

I was just an average bloke who was fortunate enough to stumble upon one of the most outstanding affiliate marketing communities you can be apart of today.

The community I’m talking about goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s the exact same platform that gave me all the training, support, and tools to innovate and flourish in this crazy online world.


Do you know what the best part about it is? It can help you do the same. 🤩


I’m not that type of guy that wants to bother people too much. That’s why I’m ending this Weekly Blitz Alert review and advising you to take advantage of the forever FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership. 🆓

It should be more than enough to help you decide whether it’s something you want to invest yourself in. I’ll personally welcome you on the other side and help you set up your first FREE affiliate marketing blog.

The choice is entirely yours. Until then, stay safe and feel free to reach out to me if you think I can be of any assistance.

I wish you the best of luck in your online journey, my friend! 👋


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