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The Leadpages Affiliate Program: Should You Stay Away From it?

If you wish to join the Leadpages affiliate program and promote the landing page builder as an affiliate, then you’ve come to the right spot. I will show you how to register and share a few tips on how to promote the software the correct way, so you earn more from it.

I’ll also be sharing my number one recommendation for making money online and expand further on my thought on why I think it’s a better option for anyone that’s trying to succeed with affiliate marketing. 

Leadpages offers its users a chance to market their suite of lead generation tools, which have helped thousands of business owners to create sustainable businesses online, but is it a good platform to promote or just another overhyped page builder? 


The Leadpages Affiliate Program  

If you sign up for the Leadpages affiliate program, you will get the chance to earn direct recurring commissions of thirty percent on the sales that you generate. As a Leadpages affiliate, you will get paid as long as the person you referred stays and uses the program. 

The commissions remain the same, and you continue to earn even when your referrals renew their current membership or upgrade to a higher plan.the leadpages affiliate program The platform also goes a long way in supporting its affiliates with more marketing knowledge, technological support, and promotional materials – and that is a clear sign of a good affiliate program to promote.

The tools and features available at your disposal make the use of the product more exciting for the customers, which should result in more commissions for yourself. 


Why should you share Leadpages with your audience?

Leadpages are experts at converting. If you have an audience of small business owners who wish to grow their e-mail lists and gain more customers, then Leadpages has one of the best marketing arsenals to help them drive more revenue. 

To put it in simple terms, you won’t need to worry about being the best salesman since the program pretty much does all the selling for you. Your recommendation should be more than enough to convert them into longtime paying customers. 


How does it work?

When you join their affiliate program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote Leadpages. When someone clicks on that link and subscribes to any of the three pricing plans, you will get a commission. 

Leadpapes equips you with ready-to-go ad templates that you can use to promote the program with paid ads. They also give you the chance to use create your own custom affiliate links that link out to some of their best pieces of content, such as blog posts and podcast to promote leadpages as an affiliate This is great, considering that you only need to worry about getting traffic to your affiliate links and let them do all the selling for you on the backend. It’s a win-win scenario. 

I’m not sure if you know, but Leadpages have some outstanding piece of content that you can use to your advantage. You just need to be creative and think of ways to push them to your audience. 

Please Note: You should always avoid adding extra steps to your registration process. It will only result in lower conversion rates because you will force your visitors to go the extra mile for no reason whatsoever. If you wish to earn more money through this program, my recommendation is to keep it as simple as possible, so it converts better. 

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How to Promote Leadpages as an Affiliate

Before I start babbling on how to promote Leadpages as an affiliate, I want you to know that I’m an affiliate for Leadpages as well, so I know a thing or two when it comes to promoting the program. 

•  Blogging – Drive traffic to your affiliate links through blogging. Write a blog post and compare Leadpages to some other less-known competitors and give your opinion on why you think Leadpages is a better option for your readers. 

•  Social Media – Find businesses that you think can benefit from this page builder and try to get them to test it out. As mentioned earlier, the program sells itself, so your primary focus should be to get as many free trials as possible.

•  Banners – Design new banners or use the ones that Leadpages provides you with to place them on your website. You probably won’t get as many trials as the other methods, but it’s still an excellent way to get a new referral now and then. 

•  Newsletter – E-mail marketing is also a great way to recommend Leadpages to your audience. Your subscribers are likely trusting you by now, so they won’t hesitate to check out the product that you’re offering. I’m sure you will see great success if you link out to some of Leadpages’ most popular pieces of content. 

•  YouTube – This is my favorite method to promote Leadpages since YouTube has been blooming lately and is not planning to stop anytime soon. See how other people are promoting Leadpages on YouTube and try to replicate the same thing, but add a little twist to your videos, so they appear unique. 


Do you have to be an active member to promote Leadpages?  

A little while ago, you had to be a Leadpages member if you wanted to promote the program, but things have changed lately, and they have loosened up the rules. You can promote Leadpages even if you’re not an active member. 

Although being a customer is not a requirement, I think that you’ll see greater success if you get familiar with the platform and use some of its features yourself. So, if you’re thinking about subscribing to Leadpages, I would appreciate it if you could use my affiliate link. 

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