Top Earner Transformation Review

Top Earner Transformation Review: Did I Buy a Scam?


Hi, and welcome to my Top Earner Transformation review. 

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my unbiased opinion and ultimately answer the question of whether Zach Crawford’s affiliate marketing course named Top Earner Transformation is a scam or not.

If you’re looking to hear the thoughts of someone who’s surprisingly not affiliated with him or his team, then you’re in the right place.

Top Earner Transformation is an updated version of one of Zach’s older courses called Secret Affiliate Marketing Hack, and it’s geared towards teaching you how to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

You probably already knew that, and I’m guessing the real reason why you’re here is that you want to see if you can trust this guy or not.


Before we continue, let me introduce myself. 🙂

My name is Gorjan, and for the past few years, I’ve been focusing solely on helping people stay away from scams online.

I created this website intending to separate the fraudsters from the good guys, and up to date, I’ve reviewed well over 300+ online courses.

You could say that I’m passionate about helping people, and therefore, I encourage you to say hi and find more about me and my story on my about page.

I would also like to congratulate you on researching, considering how easy it is to fall for fairy tales these days.

It’s undoubtedly a wise move as it’s the only way to avoid getting scammed and find the best ways to make money online.


Top Earner Transformation Review – Overview

Top Earner Transformation is a legitimate affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to build a successful online business using Clickfunnels

The course has a pretty expensive price tag, and if you decide to buy it, you’ll have to make a one-time payment of $997. 

Although it’s not the cheapest one out there, knowing that you have a 14-day money-back guarantee will probably help you sleep better. 

While the course is legit, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to you, given the fact it’s heavily oriented towards promoting Clickfunnels. There are many downfalls to this, some of which I speak further down in this post. 

Top Earner Transformation ReviewWhether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, my number #1 recommendation unquestionably offers one of the best approaches to building a successful online business. 💰


My Top Earner Transformation alternative is considerably better and less pricey, and it’s the same course I used to go from zero to earning thousands of dollars within just a few months. 

Feel free to check it out here! 👈


Top Earner Transformation Cons

I will jump straight to the point and share some of the things I dislike about Zach’s course. Some of the downfalls I’ll mention aren’t as bad, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

One thing that bothers me the most is that the course is heavily focused on promoting Clickfunnels and other products of Russel Brunson

I know for a fact that Zach is affiliated with Clickfunnels and uses the “share funnels” feature to rack up affiliate commissions. I’m aware of this because I used to do the same thing back in the day. 

Basically, he creates funnels within his Clickfunnels account and shares them with members of his course. If a member wants to use any of his pre-made funnels, they’ll have to create a Clickfunnels account too. 

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this, but you need to be aware that Clickfunnels costs $97 a month, which slowly starts to add up. 

Zach doesn’t limit you in any way, and you’re free to create funnels within any niche you want. However, you should know that the course mainly focuses on the make money online niche.

It would have been a lot better if Zach focused more on teaching you how to blog instead of creating funnels, which is a significant flaw in itself. 

Lastly, given the steep price, I don’t see how the course is meant for beginners on a tight budget. Having to pay nearly a thousand dollars for a course is way too much, especially if you’re just getting started. 


Top Earner Transformation Pros

When it’s all said and done, the Top Earner Transformation is a legit course and offers some great perks. 

I’ll start off by saying that most of the member reviews I found online were positive and that Zach is a time-tested and highly ethical marketer. 

By signing up for his course, you’ll get lifetime access to the program with all the future updates. This means that every information that Zach decides to add to this course will be available to you free of charge. 

If you bothered to read my about page, you must know that I’ve been scammed countless times before. Many of the courses I fell for in the past were trying to upsell me on their latest info, and you sure as hell won’t be seeing that with Zach’s system. 

The course is regularly updated, and Zach, being the bright entrepreneur he is, is always trying to improve it and get you involved. 

is Top Earner Transformation a scamHe recently spent thousands of dollars on a mentor to learn more about YouTube ads and promised to share all of the techniques with his students once he masters them. 👍


He also went one step further than what most affiliate courses do and made sure that you get top-notch support, including weekly group coaching calls, 1-on-1 access, and right of entry to his Facebook Group. 

I bought the course and joined the group and was pretty surprised by what I saw. The explanations are in a step-by-step format, and Zach makes sure you understand everything before moving on to the next step.

By following all the methods that he teaches, you should expect to make money within 6 to 12 months of starting. This all depends on past experience and how efficient you are in executing tasks. 

Unlike other courses on the market, you are not obliged to promote his program. You’re taught the skills to create a successful affiliate marketing business within any niche you want, making Zach Crawford a great mentor.  


What is Top Earner Transformation?

The Top Earner Transformation course is a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to build a business from scratch and grow it to six or even seven figures by following the four pillars of online marketing – MOCA. 

  1. M – mindset 
  2. O – offer 
  3. C – conversion
  4. A – audience 

Zach goes through each of these modules separately, and to better understand them, I’ll explain each of them individually. 



It doesn’t matter how long you go as long as you don’t stop. You’ll need to have this mindset going into every online business, and Zach makes sure you know that. A strong mind is the only force that will propel you and won’t make you stop when the going gets tough. 



The offer is basically the product you’re selling. Since Zach doesn’t limit you to a specific niche, a product can be anything, including a dog leash, a wooden stool, or in this case, Clickfunnels. 



Conversion is just another name for a well-thought-of sales funnel. Zach will be showing you all the steps you need to take to create and mature an entire sales mechanism. Basically, this is just the approach you’ll be taking to sell your product. 



You can have the best dog leash in the world, but if you promote it to the wrong audience, you’ll likely won’t make any sales. Zach makes sure you understand the audience you’re trying to sell to before anything else. 


I think that it’s a great thing that he’s teaching you these fundamentals as you’ll better understand how the entire process goes. 

Combine this with a few of his pre-made sales funnel templates, and we could say that you’re well on your way to making your first sale. 

By all means, if you intend on buying the course, please make sure to take full advantage of the Facebook group. It’s by far one of his most valued assets, and there’s lots of good information you can find there. 


What’s inside the course?

As previously stated in my Top Earner Transformation review, this course is an updated version of Zach’s last course – Secret AM Hack.

Besides teaching you how to create sales funnels, he’ll also show you what a great proposal looks like and coach you on making good use of e-mail marketing for your campaigns.

Another thing that he teaches is driving highly-targeted traffic to your sales funnels. As I said earlier, you can have all the traffic in the world, but you’ll likely won’t make any sales if it’s not the right type of audience.

A fair chunk of the program is in video format, but you also get all the templates and a few bits and pieces inside his Facebook group. Every part of the course is finely structured and easy to follow.

Let’s go into more detail regarding the content of the course:


Module 1: The Introduction Module 

Challenges are what make all of this interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. The mindset module is where you’ll be taught how to position yourself to have a better chance of succeeding in this business line. 

When I was first starting out, I used to think that mindest modules are a big waste of time, but come to think of it now, they’re pretty valuable. 

This chapter will show you all the steps you need to take to make yourself mentally strong and well-prepared for the work that you’ll be doing. 

As previously mentioned, it will be a good 6 to 12 months until you start seeing results with the Top Earner Course. It would help if you were prepared to push through, knowing that you won’t be earning a dime for months. 

is Top Earner Transformation legitimateThe introductory module is all about developing the proper mindset and thinking like a strategic, well-rounded marketer. It will also inform you about all the other modules as well. 🧠


Zach also recommends a few books along the way, and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to buy them or not. 

DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets are excellent books Russel wrote and can teach you a lot about creating the perfect bate for your clients. 

So basically, the introductory part is the game plan that you’ll be following for the next few months. Pay good attention and come back to it as it will keep you away from wanting to buy other courses. 

And don’t do what I didskip all the lessons. 😄


Module 2: How to Make Money Online

This is the module where Zack takes you by the hand and shows you how to model his success and build a thriving AM business in the MMO niche.

Please remember that this niche is very competitive, but that shouldn’t scare you since it’s a clear indication that there’s money to be made.

He emphasizes the importance of taking baby steps before learning how to walk, meaning that you need to master the fundamentals and gain knowledge on consistency and focus.

By following the lessons at your pace, you’ll learn how to take baby steps, and as soon as you make your first sale, you’ve learned how to walk.

You’ve nailed the blueprint, and after that, it’s all about consistency, hard work, and doing what brought you the first sale – A.K.A – scaling.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

Soon enough, if you’ve done everything correctly, you should start making sales consistently, and thus, you’ve learned how to run.

You’ll also be taught how to be a problem solver because being a good one often spells the difference between making a few sales and a lot of them.

Your ideal audience has its problems and needs, and by learning how to identify them, you’re well on your way to becoming a super affiliate.

This was one of my favorite parts of the entire course, and even I learned a thing or two about finding the perfect pitch. If you can solve your customer’s problems, you have all the rights in the world to sell them a product.

Speaking of selling a product, this module also has a sub-module that makes sure you understand what type of products you should promote.

Ideally, you would want to go with digital ones since they don’t require handling and offer better commissions. You can also never go wrong with ticket products, as long as you know how to sell them correctly.

Remember this – it’s all about providing value to the customer. Don’t be pushy, and make sure your product helps people and is worthy of selling.


Module 3: Creating Your Sales Funnels

Ever since I started using funnels, my sales doubled as they’re undoubtedly the best recent innovations that changed the online world. 

In this module, Zack will be guiding you by showing you all the different types of funnels you can use. If you’re new to online marketing and funnels in general, this is a must-read section. 

Basically, he says that there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel and that you need to focus on what already works. There are plenty of seven-figure funnels that you can copy and have as your own. 


This strategy is entirely ethical, and even I’ve done it before. 👌

Another thing that you’ll be taught inside this module is how to take advantage of e-mail marketing to make even more sales down the line. 

Learning how to grab someone’s e-mail address is one of the valuable skills you can have as an online marketer. By doing so, you’ve created a private communication channel where you can pitch tons of offers later on. 

If you decide to buy the course, please don’t skip this part as there are genuinely some golden nuggets in there. Lastly, you’ll be shown how to set up and use Clickfunnels and connect it with your e-mail platform. 


Module 4: Driving Traffic to Your Offers

Without learning how to drive highly-targeted traffic to your offers, you’ll likely have a hard time making any sales. Luckily, this module teaches you just that and is split into two parts: 

  1. Social Media Selling
  2. Media Marketing Mastery 


Social Media Selling 

Facebook can be quite the selling machine, as long as you know how to position yourself. This module will show you how to take advantage of FB and attract even more customers over time.


See how I said ATTRACT and not BOTHER.

The reason for this is that I’m not the only one around here that’s been added multiple times by a guy named Bob who’s tried to sell me on yet another $7.000 per month blueprint to success.

As you might know, those types of “friends” tend to create repulsion, and the last thing you want to do is be a guy named Bob! Zach teaches you how to switch things up and shows you the correct approach to social media marketing.


Media Marketing Mastery

I’m assuming you found Zach Crawford through his channel on YouTube – a clear sign that what he teaches works. It’s fair to say he has mastered the art of video creation, and for that reason, this module is a must.

Zach spends quite a lot of time going through this part of the course, and that’s entirely understandable, considering it’s his bread and butter.

The YouTube algorithm changes constantly, and therefore, you should expect this module to get updated frequently.


Is Top Earner Transformation a scam?

Zack’s Top Earner Transformation course is not a scam and is perfect for those looking to start a successful affiliate marketing business. 

Apart from the few drawbacks I mentioned earlier, I really couldn’t find anything else wrong with the course. 

It’s equipped with all the fundamental problem-solving tactics and can help you make your first or next dollar online. 

I know for a fact that what Zack teaches works as I’ve personally used the exact blueprint when I was starting out. You can indeed make money with the course but bear in mind that it won’t be easy. 

Affiliate marketing is a reliable business model, but having said that, it requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, a little bit (a lot)of elbow grease, and only then will you be able to enjoy its benefits.

Top Earner Transformation Pros and consI like Zach’s course. It teaches you all the basics like finding a niche, catering to your audience, building sales funnels, e-mail marketing, and, last but not least, driving highly targeted traffic to your offers. 💸


Although the course is legit, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as there are far better courses out there that will give you a better run for your money – my #1 recommendation is one of them. 

It’s significantly less expensive, offers far better support, and has a forever free trial period. As far as I’m concerned, it is by far the best affiliate marketing course on the market today, hands down. 


How I Earn A living online

My review of Zack’s Crawford affiliate course is coming to an end, so I assume now would be the best time to share with you the exact step-by-step process of how I earn a living online. 

So, without further ado, to better understand how I bring home the bacon, I suggest you go over my money guide, as it clearly explains everything there is to know about my line of business. 

I am an affiliate marketer, too, but unlike Zack’s students, I didn’t have to pay that big of a price to learn the ins and outs of this business model. 

Top Earner Transformation AlternativeI’m telling you this because I want to invite you to join thousands of other successful affiliate marketers and me in the game of organic traffic and learn all the nitty-gritty details from a caring, helpful community. 🤗


As a starter member, you’ll be getting a bonus site free of cost, along with the first ten lessons of the course. You’ll get a chance to learn at your own pace, and whenever you’re ready, you can upgrade to the premium model, which comes out to be nearly a dollar per day if paid annually. 

I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs online, and there’s a reason why my number #1 recommendation holds the number one spot all these years. 

Hopefully, you liked my Top Earner Transformation review, and if you happen to have any questions, please feel free to ask them down below. 👋



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