Vantage Point Software Review

Vantage Point Software Review: AI-Based Scam Since 1979?

Have you ever asked yourself whether it’s possible to use predictive trading software to trade the stock market properly? 

In today’s exclusive post, I’ll be sharing with you my recently updated Vantage Point software review and ultimately answer the question of whether it’s worthy of your time and money or not. 

This application uses artificial intelligence and advanced intermarket analysis. It claims to consistently forecast the markets with up to 87.4% accuracy, making it one of the most sophisticated AI trading software out there. 


It sounds like fun, to say the least. 🙂

You see, the pandemic has accelerated our need for stable financial outlets that can help us make more money in the upcoming years. 

Some have started joining the freelance workforce, while many have also invested themselves in learning more about the stock market. These two are the driving forces that have kept global economies up and running despite the crisis.


And perhaps this is the reason why you landed on this page. ✓

You probably wonder if there’s a tool to help you out in your journey in the stock market. Well, luckily for you, there are several available resources guaranteed to back you up.

By just doing a quick Google search, you can find many financlp you out.ial newsletters advertised to help you out, depending on your needs and goals. Some of the top names include the following:

•  Project Prophecy 

•  Motley Fool

•  Real Wealth Strategist

•  Automatic Fortunes Review

•  Strategic Intelligence

Aside from those, there are also some free charting websites like what you can see from Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg. When you do charting, you can manually forecast prices and create a trading plan for yourself. 

But what if I told you that there’s actually software out there that can create legitimate predictions with just a hit of a button? 


Yup, just one click. 🖱️

Through the Vantage Point software, you can finally unlock a more reliable estimate on how you should plan your steps in the stock market. 

It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology, which aggregates all the possibilities so that users can get a short-term market trend with an astonishing 86% accuracy! 

With this tool alone, I suppose that beginners should be able to position themselves correctly and profit instantly. 

Vantage Point Software ReviewBut could this really be a life-changing platform or a scammy venture? I was hoping you could find out more about it in my most recently written Vantage Point Software review today. ⭐


Before we start, let me clarify that I am not in any way, shape, or form connected to the company, nor am I being compensated to write this post. 

What you will read here are just my honest opinions and must be taken with a grain of salt. Towards the end of the article, I will also share my most recommended way of consistently earning without getting your hands dirty on the stock market.

Just a quick hint – it doesn’t involve any charting sessions, market theories, or huge startup needed! What will fuel this online business is your mere desire to earn and help other people make the right decision.

Want to learn more? Then let the show begin. 🥳


Vantage Point Software Review

The company has been around since 1979 and has produced one of the world’s leading trading software that is applicable to use wherever you are in the world. 

The patented software dwells on specific investments such as U.S and Canadian stocks, ETFs, forex, options, and even futures! 

It boasts that it has helped over 30k interested traders globally and consistently reaches new markets every day.

Created with the primary goal of helping aspiring traders (of all levels) create better shots in the stock market, the Vantage Point software guarantees to provide a perspective like no other. 

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best way to make money online

Louis Mendelsohn (the chairman and CEO of Vantage Point Ai, LLC) decided to develop an all-in-one application to keep up with the constant change in the market trends and technology.

This unique application collects information in one place and embeds artificial intelligence and technical analysis based on global relationships. 


In a nutshell – it’s like the matrix version in the financial sphere. 🔥

From the way I see it, as long as you understand how to execute the trades based on the software’s predictions, it is indeed possible to have your account tripled in the twinkling of an eye.


The very same reason why I like the stock market. 🤟

Although it is pretty risky, the trends are somewhat predictable. So long as you keep yourself informed about the technical and the current business news, you can indeed speculate a price point for a specific stock. 

With this being said, it’s much better as compared to crowdfunding or angel investing, where you cannot really say whether the start-up business you are dealing with will grow or not.

At least with the market, you have historical data and specific analysis types that you can employ to create a strategy of your own. What more do you need when you have access to a software that gives you almost accurate predictions right? 

This software also gives the target prices and helps identify specific asset classes that you should be focusing on – forex, options, market, and commodities? This one has you covered.

Vantage Point Reviews and Complaints To fully provide users the knowledge of how to navigate the platform, they also give free courses, newsletters, and even a live demo account so that you can get a feel of how it really works. ⚙️


Because of this, Vantage Point has gained popularity online, paving the way for it to have an A+ rating on BBB. The company only has around 5.8k followers on Facebook, 2.9k on Twitter, and 7.65k on YouTube in terms of social media footprint.

But before you visit their site and sign up with them, please note that the predictability rate still stands at 87.4%, okay? Indeed, this is a valuable tool, but that doesn’t mean that it guarantees the upskills or downswings within a few days. 

You see, when it comes to the market, there are a lot of forces coming into play, and these might all affect the stock. Thus, it is still recommended that you not just rely on this alone but also consider other news and charts.


How Does Vantage Point Work

Basically, the Vantage Point Software works just like any other trading-related software. Some of the most commonly used ones include Ally InvestFidelityTradeStation, and Tradier

What sets it apart is that, unlike tricky sites that are hard to grasp for complete beginners, the Vantage Point software is user-friendly, and the analysis itself is easy to generate in just a few clicks. 

From there, you can choose which investments you are interested in working with. Just recently, they have also added selected cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and it is promising to help predict these highly volatile investments. 

Add to that is that it will give you the most real-time look on the market compared to free resources that are often found lagging and are basically focused on a single stock.

Once you click on the Vantage Point screeners, you can see the predictions and understand what led to that predictions by giving you ample explanations within the program. 

Is Vantage Point a scamMore importantly, it provides you with a better look at your target stocks as it aggregates and processes all the global relationships labels under them. No need to spend hours reading and reviewing various facets!✅


Are you ready to improve your trading potential? If you are, you can get access to this by requesting a free demo on their website. 

Once you’re there, you will have to key in your full name and e-mail address to lock in a demonstration of the Vantage Point AI. 

You will then be asked if you have any experience in trading and what specific markets you are interested in.

Once that is out of the way, you will be redirected to a page where you will see the direct phone number of the company where you can call and get $1000 in free software. 

During the call, they will be asking you your available time and will ask you to download a screen-sharing software of your choice so that they can show you how Vantage Point works.


Vantage Point Cost

After the demonstration, you will be given 28 hours to decide whether or not you are interested in using the platform. 

If you are willing to try it out, then you will have to choose from the following packages: 

  1. Entry Level ($2,900)
  2. Essentials ($5,900)
  3. Most Popular ($7,900)
  4. Most valuable ($9,900). 


The only difference here is that depending on the package, you will get additional trackers, screeners, and bonuses from free courses to a one-on-one session with a Vantage Point successful trader.

Add to that is the fact that you need to pay a monthly fee worth $35 for all the updates and latest data. 

From my perspective, I honestly think that it is not worth the hype, and it feels that you are splurging a lot for a single software. With that amount of money, you can comfortably just invest it and do your research slowly but surely.

Also, I find it weird that you have to pay for additional RSI indicators when they usually come for free, especially if you’re trading forex and cryptocurrencies! 

With this being said, I do not think that the positives of this platform are not worth a few thousand.


Vantage Point Reviews And Complaints

Vantage Point Software has been featured in Fox BusinessAiThorityProactive InvestorsYahoo Finance, CNBC Tech Talk, and many other established media outlets. 

But despite the so-called “popularity,” I find it weird that there are no honest reviews or posts about this platform at all. (even on YouTube!) Most of the articles labeled as “reviews” are just written as part of the promotions.

I happen to come across the Forex Peace Academy and luckily was able to find some legitimate complaints and reviews about the platform. 

After reviewing the 22 pages, I am listing here the major themes presented by the community: 


Complaint 1: 

The 80+ percent of forecast accuracy is real, but more instances did not go according to plan or even near the target prices. 


Complaint 2: 

The website does not state outright what is included in the membership packages resulting in some users not getting the same benefits despite paying the prices. As you can imagine, this can be a severe issue. 


Complaint 3: 

The customer service will offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, but once you actually call them for a refund, you will have trouble getting your money back. In some cases, VP didn’t even refund the money.


Complaint 4: 

The add-on indicators are overpriced, and if you know where to look, you can find other websites giving you that on their charts for free.


Complaint 5: 

Most traders report that it is not worth the hype and will not be a good resource. Instead, you might find better chances by investing in the financial newsletters of Bloomberg screeners.


Complaint 6: 

Some users say that the Vantage Point Software may suffer from lagging issues, especially if using Apple-based products or older computers.


Complaint 7: 

The accuracy that the company usually advertises is a flat-out lie. Still, they manage to slip through this by saying that there are unpredictable elements that the software cannot take account of.


Complaint 8: 

If you decide to invest in this platform, expect to be bombarded by upsells and spoofed calls from the sales department.


After reading all these, I think it is clear that the Vantage Point software is not really a scam but is definitely not worth your time either. 

You may see a lot of people speaking highly of it, but please note that there is a possibility that these people are just being paid to write sweet nothings and reviews full of BS. 

I am not saying that all of them are false, but just be cautious because I have already seen at least eight articles about it redirecting to the software through affiliate links. 


Is Vantage Point a Scam?

Let’s clarify one thing. First and foremost, Vantage Point promises to deliver a software resource perfect for trades. And in that sense, they really did deliver an all-in-one software, so they are not a scam from that point of view.

There are also reports that some of the forecasts turned into reality too. However, one of their aims is to help out traders but based on the prices of their platform; I think that they are not beginner-friendly.

If I were in your shoes, I’d instead invest that money directly into a stock of my choice. Additionally, when it comes to having an almost accurate prediction, this is another area where the company falls short.

This is because out of the 22 pages of comments I reviewed, about 85% of those say that the platform is not worth it. At the end of the day, the money’s yours, and you’re in total control to decide how much risk you’re willing to take.


How I Make A Living Online

There is no doubt that the stocks market is one area that you should always consider when it comes to wealth building. 

No matter your age, you can start this with as little money as you are comfortable investing. But, let us be clear on one thing – investments are better if you have bigger cash to oil its gears.

For instance, if you consistently invest $5 every month, you can expect some return investments. However, if you invest a thousand bucks every month, I think it is a no-brainer when we say that you can expect better returns, right? 

If you want to go down this path, that’s completely fine by me, but if not, then I highly suggest that you look for additional income that is consistent and much more reliable.

Vantage Point Software ReviewWith this in mind, I would love to take this chance to introduce you to my most recommended online business model, in which your profits are not dependent on your initial investment. 💸


It’s the very same business model that I took advantage of to grow the site that you’re currently on into a “nearly five thousand dollar a month” source of passive income. 

To give you a quick overview of it: 

  1. It’s widespread 
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I don’t guarantee you’ll like it, but I promise that it will intrigue you somehow. The entire read shouldn’t take you longer than ten minutes, and you can feel at ease to ask any question that bothers you at the end. 

As I end this Vantage Point software review, I hope that I was able to provide you with the most important information about it and answer whether it’s a complete scam and a waste of time or not.  

For any questions or clarifications, you can go ahead and post them underneath, and as always, I promise to give my best to get back to you as soon as I can. 👋



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