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Clickfunnels Backpack Review: Want an ARMY of Sellers?

If you want to find out how you can have an entire army of motivated people promoting your products and services for you around the clock, then you might find this Clickfunnels Backpack Review intriguing. 

It’s so easy for people to be fooled and start to think that the highest converting traffic is the one that is coming from paid advertising.

Instead of paying for ads and run the risk of spending all of your advertising budgets, wouldn’t it be better if you had other experienced marketers do all the selling for yourself and take all the risk of wasting money?  

Affiliate marketing has been around for decades and is considered the ultimate choice for business owners since it allows them to make money while they sleep. If you’re a member of Clickfunnels, then you can take advantage of the Backpack feature and set up your cost-effective affiliate program where you only pay your affiliates once the results are delivered. 


Why Should You Use an Affiliate Program?

There are many reasons why you would want to use an affiliate program for your business. Setting up an affiliate program can be quite beneficial and can increase your sales without any additional workload from your end. It’s a great way to assure your safety and have others accept the risk for you. 

The traffic you get from affiliates is the best type of traffic – “risk-free.”

It’s better than most other traffic sources because affiliate referral traffic is “word of mouth” traffic. It’s different than getting traffic from paid ads on Facebook where you first need to pay for an advertisement that doesn’t promise any result. Traffic coming from affiliates is considered “free” because you don’t pay them anything until they’ve closed the sale. 

Here are some of the less-known benefits of using an affiliate program: 

  Risk-Free Traffic Source 

✔  Good For Brand Awareness 

✔  Low Entry Price 

✔  Pays For Itself

✔  Fits Your Budget 

✔  Improves SEO  

✔  Inexpensive 

✔  Increased Traffic 

✔  Affiliates Provide Social Proof 

Having other people promoting your products and services is the best to scale, grow, and earn faster. What makes the Clickfunnels Backpack feature great is the fact it allows you to host your affiliate program and use the funnel builder on top of that.

Just having a bunch of affiliates on board isn’t enough. It would be best if you found a way to keep your affiliates happy so they won’t leave and search for a different offer to promote. Luckily Clickfunnels has thought of that and they’ve made sure that they give you the best possible system to put in place – so both sides can be pleased. 


What is Clickfunnels Backpack?

The Backpack is an affiliate management platform that gets unlocked once you decide to upgrade to the Etison Suite subscription plan within Clickfunnels.

It allows you to easily create and manage your affiliate system, while still taking advantage of the funnel builder itself. You can generate commission plans for your affiliate partners and manage payments all from one spot. 

Many people are baffled and still don’t understand what it is or how to use it properly. That’s why I decided to write this article – so you can have a better understanding of what the Clickfunnels Backpack feature is, and how you can take advantage of it.what is clickfunnels backpack Before Backpack – creating an affiliate program was a technical nightmare and required severe nerves. You would either have to design the entire affiliate system on your own or hire a team of developers to do it for you. This wasn’t the most appropriate solution since it required a great deal of money that not every single person is ready to invest. 

Since it’s a part of Clickfunnels, it’s quite easy to integrate it and use it with the entire platform as a whole. Pick your winning funnel and connect it with the highest-converting e-mail sequence from Actionetics. What’s left from you to do is – summon your affiliates and give them the right promotional materials so they can do all the selling for you.  

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What makes Clickfunnels Backpack Different? 

As mentioned earlier – it’s not just enough to grab a bunch of affiliates and get them to promote your offers for you. It would help if you found a way to keep them happy, so they stay for a while. If the promotional materials and commissions are awful, chances are they’ll leave and find a better product to promote. 

The thing that makes the Clickfunnels Backpack different from other affiliate programs is the fact it uses a lifetime sticky cookie. This means if someone clicks on your affiliate’s ID link, the affiliate member will earn a commission for that product, and keep on earning continuous commissions for every product the buyer decides to buy down the line. clickfunnels sticky cookieThe lifetime sticky cookie is going to make your affiliates very happy and will help them make more money from each customer they bring in. This means they will promote your products for a longer period of time and bring you more sales.

Most affiliate programs set their affiliate cookies to expire in less than 60 days, and after that, they disappear. The affiliate that brought the customer in the first place will no longer be associated with any purchase the customer makes, which is quite opposite from what Backpack does.


Should You Use the Clickfunnels Backpack Feature? 

The choice is entirely yours, and you’re the one that decides whether you want to use an affiliate management system for your business or not. Many advantages come with it, and Clickfunnels are genuinely there to help you with the onboarding process.  

Applying an affiliate management system can help you make more sales and will strengthen your business by giving it social proof and substantial amounts of traffic that are generated from the affiliates.

The Clickfunnels Backpack dashboard is quite easy to navigate and is very novice-friendly. The Clickfunnels team offers great support and will gladly help you to set everything up if you need any help at some point. 


How much does Clickfunnels Backpack cost? 

As mentioned in this Clickfunnels Backpack review, you can only gain access to the affiliate management system if you subscribed to the Etison Suite Subscription Plan that is currently priced at $297. 

When you decide to sign up for the Etison Suite plan, you will be authorized to build unlimited funnels within your account, in addition to using the Actionetics feature. This is an excellent thing since you manage all of your marketing activities from one place. 

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Can you get Clickfunnels Backpack for Cheaper? 

The price is fixed at the moment, and Clickfunnels doesn’t offer any discounts for the Backpack feature. No wucking furries – I’ll still share a lesser-known method on how you can get it for cheaper, but it will require you to invest a more considerable amount of money beforehand. 

You can get the Backpack feature for free if you buy the Funnel Builder Secrets Package. You will get free 6-12 months bonus access to the Etison Suite plan which will allow you to use all the features that come with this plan (including Backpack). clickfunnels backpack reviewThe Funnel Builder Secrets is probably one of the best deals that Clickfunnels offers and is a great way to perfect your funnel building skillset. It’s intended for people that are serious about using Clickfunnels, and that’s why Russel (the co-founder of Clickfunnels) decided to throw in a bunch of bonuses for the people that choose to buy it. 

And if you’re not ready to invest that kind of money yet, but still want to grow as a funnel builder, then don’t get disappointed because there’s another less pricier alternative that goes by the name of One Funnel Away Challenge.


Let’s Finish Off This Clickfunnels Backpack Review 

Using affiliates to get traffic is an excellent way to get your products or services out in the public eye and make more sales. Affiliate marketing as a business model has existed for years and has proven to work times and times again.  

Allow your affiliates to do all the hard work for you, while you focus on the more vital aspects of your business like optimizing your sales funnel and testing new marketing campaigns. If you dared to try this years ago, there is a big possibility you would fail because you wouldn’t have the right tools at disposal.  

I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t use another affiliate management software, instead, I’m trying to point out the benefits of using the Clickfunnels one. The math is simple – why settle for an affiliate management system when you can get a full package of marketing tools for the same or slightly higher price? 

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