Super Trades Review

Is Paul Scolardi a Scammer? My Honest Super Trades Review!


Want to try out your luck in the stock market? 

In today’s article, I will give you my honest review on the Super Trades platform and answer whether Paul Scolardi is a scammer or indeed a real superman in the field of finance? 

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Hi, my name is Gorjan, and till now, I’ve reviewed well over +300 online programs and helped more than a few hundred people steer clear of scams online. 

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A few years have passed since I joined myself, and I can proudly say that it has helped me achieve such a level of financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me, not even in a million years. 

I also would like to say ‘congrats on doing your research before making a purchase online, considering that scammers have gotten smarter these days, and it’s so easy to fall for their convincing bullsh*t type of lies. 


So, let’s get this Super Trades review started. 🙂

The world of finance is one tricky place, but there is no doubt that it remains one of the most profitable fields. 

Most of us were raised to think that careers such as accountant, financial consultant, banker, and advisor can give us a comfortable salary.

According to Indeed, these jobs can even land you a national average salary between $61,929 to $128,380. 

Given how promising the study of “money management” is, many online courses and graduate degree programs are established worldwide.


The reason for that? 

Well, knowledge in finance can put you ahead of the game, especially in this day and age where opportunities are just endlessly booming. 


One example of that is the stock market. 📈

Channel after channel, we are bombarded with talks about the stock market. From the skirted IPO process of Coinbase, finance forecasts suspecting unsustainable swings, to even Robinhood getting a new whole meaning for us. 

It’s funny that even young teens know about the market and are interested in trying it out. I guess that’s the way it goes – the more we consume information about the market, the more enticed we are in dipping our toes into it.

In addition, most of the most prominent people and most successful investors tell us that now is the best year to invest our hard-earned cash. 

Given that the predictions are optimistic for the end of the year now that the economy is starting to pick up steam and vaccines are available, perhaps you are also wondering if you should park some of your cash in specific stocks.


But from what I can see, something is holding you back. 

How will you do it if you are not a seasoned veteran trader or know someone you trust who works in finance? 

Luckily, the internet is jam-packed with people ready to connect and are willing to provide you with innovative solutions for a fair price. One example is Paul Scolardi, an investor proudly branded by Forbes as the Superman of Stocks!

Want to get the latest scoop about him and his much-talked-about Super Trades service? I was hoping you could find out more as I walk you through my honest thoughts about it and answer whether it’s worth your time and money at all. 

As a disclaimer, please note that I am not connected to the company in any way, shape, or form, nor am I being sponsored to write this post. 

You will read my honest opinion about the service as I’ve always believed that my readers should only participate in legitimate opportunities.

By the end of this post, I will also shed light on my most recommended platform and how you can earn money and possibly build your first source of passive income in the future.

 If you are up for that, then I guess it’s showtime. 


Super Trades Reviews

I have always believed that there is so much wealth to make in my business line when you invest your money using a diversified portfolio. 

It’s a powerful money-making machine, but it definitely has its dangers that may take a toll on our mental and physical game. 

From the way I see it, it’s not enough that you just have the money to play with, but you also actually need to prepare yourself. After all, no one wants to follow in the steps of the poor Robinhood victim.

So before we continue with the review, let me clarify a few things with you. Firstly, you must ask yourself what prompted you to learn about the stock market? 

If you brush off the question and just reply with something like “because my friends are doing it and are making a lot of money” or “I want to make money NOW,” then I have to let you know that you should have deeper motivations than that.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

Social media posts containing pictures of high returns are sometimes just manipulated to attract other newcomers like yourself, I presume. 

Also, if you decide to do day trading without the slightest idea of how the market works, you are bound to fail and probably just fall into the FOMO

On the slip side, if you are really interested and looking to get support from top investors, signing up for Paul Scolardi’s Super Trades program might just be the best option for you after all. 

The Super Trades is just one of Paul’s many other membership-based services, but it has gained significant traction these few months. 

It basically sells you two main things: 

  1. an educational system
  2. his professional opinion on the top market movers 

In short, this practically works like a financial newsletter and a trading academy, all in just one platform. It reminds me of Day Trading Academy, as the lessons here are focused on a short-term swing trading approach.

Given the approach above, this means that it is perfect for those in the market looking to make a career as a day trader or professional scalper. 

Instead of monitoring hundreds of stocks on your own, Super Trades can give you direction and point out the top small-cap and momentum stocks to watch out for via the dedicated online chatroom and email alerts.

Technically, the educational side of this service focuses on a unique three-step approach popularized by Paul himself. 

This includes his short-term stock holding period, partial profit based on the calculated price range, and charting analysis. 

At this point, I realized that if you are actually looking to understand the entirety of the market, then this service is not for you as it only focuses on what Paul believes to be working for him.

Super Trades Reviews Luckily, though, I still recommend this for beginners because he is not playing with penny stocks, which is a good thing, especially for beginners. ✅


I, for one, have tried penny stocks in the past, and it was so bad that I had to cut my losses, just a little bit too late. 

What did I learn from that experience? Trade only the companies with names and volume, precisely what Paul is teaching in this service.

Additionally, I appreciate that he is only working on stocks and is not advocating volatile investments such as crypto, forex, or options. 

Because of this, I believe that this service is perfect for beginners looking to have more value for their money.

Add to that is the fact that the company publishing this service known as Super Trades, LLC has been featured numerous times by legitimate media practitioners such as ForbesBenzingaYahoo FinanceEntrepreneur, Business Insider, and Grit Daily.


How Does Super Trades Work?

Basically, it works like this: You review the watchlist stock for the day and go on your own, or you can review the stock list and then join the chat room and copy every trade that Paul does. 

It would help if you didn’t have a hard time trusting Paul since he’s named one of the top traders to follow by The Street. If that is not enough, just ask his 102.9k followers on Twitter and 73.5k on Instagram.

For a quarterly price of $550 or a $1997 annual subscription, I have to say that this is one of the cheapest services that provide a total value for money, especially that you can use the premium video content for your own consumption anytime. 

On the other hand, if you are only interested in Paul’s stock alerts (perfect for pros in the field), you can also get the membership plan worth $147 to access the chatroom and stock alert features.

Once you sign up from their website, you can instantly access the whole range of services depending on your membership. 

For full members, you will enjoy the following:

  1. Stock watchlist
  2. Chatroom access 
  3. E-mail and SMS trade alerts 
  4. Mobile application
  5. Video lessons 
  6. IPO tracker 
  7. Earning tracker
  8. Premium research reports – sent directly to your e-mail. 

The stock watchlist is updated daily so that day traders can set up their rig. At the same time, the Chatroom access provides you with real-time trading statements for every move, and you can review the forecast prices given by other community members. 


It practically is like a better version of Investagrams. 👈

E-mail and SMS trade alerts are critical, especially since a single minute can affect the prices of the alerted stock. My advice? Focus on it and act quickly when an alert comes your way.

The mobile app is there just in case you want to get alerts while on the go without having to look at your four large screen chart monitors. You can fit everything right in your pocket when you download the iPhone and android mobile app of Superman Trades.

The video lessons are pre-recorded premium content teaching you the basics to the most technical aspects of day trading and Paul’s strategy on becoming one of the top traders of all time. 

You can see the IPO Tracker from the watchlist and the chatroom, along with the Earning Tracker.

What I love among all those features is the particular chatroom that reminds me of Investors Underground and Fast Five Trades. 

Once you are in there, you can find a sleek and easy-to-navigate platform moderated by Paul and his team of other investors. 

is super trades a scamBut more importantly, I find it really worth the money since you can just copy Paul’s actual trades as these are reflected on the chat. 💬


This means you can replicate his success for the day, which is pretty cool from where I’m standing. Additionally, you can review the price forecasts and even ask your questions as there are many online members during trading hours.

To keep the chat interface cleanout of misleading or off-topic topics, then you can move to the other chat channel and type to your heart’s content.

Unlike other chat rooms bundled in financial alert services, this one is quite active, and it really means a lot to me that Paul himself is starting and leading the conversation. 

He and his team even provide helpful links throughout the day so that you’ll understand the reasons behind every position.


Is Paul Scolardi a Scammer?

Paul Scolardi has the media backing that any other trader would love. 

He is a featured writer/contributor under the Huffington Post, Seeking Alpha, Agora Financial, and The Street. He has practically been deemed the go-to guy for all things related to the stock market. 

Unlike other gurus out there, Paul is actually credible as he is a CPA with years of experience in financial metrics and analytics.

He started his career right after finishing his degree at Arizona State University by becoming a Senior Auditor for Arthur Andersen and has even worked his way into managerial positions in auditing and accounting. 

More importantly, he has become a director of finance, financial consultant, and CFO/COO throughout his career. By 2012, he started Super Trades, LLC and has never looked back ever since.

After looking for information about him for countless hours, I am happy to report that he does not have any cases under him, clearly showing that he is staying on the right side of the law. 

More importantly, he does not have a history of hyping stocks which greatly suggests that he is just working his way as a high-quality trader.

I even checked his profile at Investimonials and found out that he has verified profitable trades. You never know; maybe he really has unlocked some superpower in the field of finance.


Is Super Trades A Scam?

Paul Scolardis’ Super Trades is not a scam, and it’s undoubtedly worth the money, so I recommend it to all my readers.

Given the transparency of his trades, which you can copy, I realize that there is nothing more I would ever respect than a trader who is willing to show it all even if there are some losses.


Trust me on this; losses are part of learning. 💯

It is impossible to find a guru who has never lost in the stock market. Despite all the calculations and techniques out there, we cannot deny that other forces may suddenly change the price of a stock.

With this being said, I suggest that you keep track of the alerts in this service, but you do not necessarily have to follow everything.

At the end of the day, the money’s yours, and you’re free to spend it how you like it. If you think that the alerted stock is too volatile for your taste, then, by all means, move away from it.

This service will not guarantee you anything except that it will point you to the stocks that are well based on their criteria. The company will not force you to follow them faithfully.


How I Make A Living Online

If you still think that the stock market is too risky or believe there is a better opportunity for you out there, then please listen carefully. 

Unlike trading, I have found the ultimate key that allows me to unlock my full potential as a business owner, and I want to share it with you. 

I’m telling you this because I want to introduce you to the business model to whom I owe my success and share the exact step-by-step blueprint of how I’ve been making a living online. 

Please feel free to leave if you think that I’m just another “guru” that’s trying to sell you on yet another overpromising DFY shit*y system. 

swing trades Paul Scolardi ReviewIf you bothered to read my about page, you must know by now that I can’t stand those types of systems, as they’re nothing more than well-thought-of lies, and that my only intention is to provide you with a game plan that actually works. 💪


My most recommended business model works like a charm, but having said that, it does a lot of hard work and perseverance, and only then can you enjoy the benefits it has to offer. 

Please don’t expect to make thousands upon starting, and know that systems that promise you that are nothing more than well-thought-of lies. 

So, to better understand how I bring home the bacon, I suggest you look at my money guide, as it clearly explains everything you’ve always wanted to know about making money online. 

I put my heart and soul into it, so hopefully, you like it, and if you do happen to have any questions at the end, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by leaving a comment anywhere on this blog. 

It’s time I end this Super Trades review, and I keep my fingers crossed that I was able to provide you with a clear answer of whether Paul Scolardi is a scammer or indeed a legitimate superman of stocks. 

All the best, talk to you soon. 👋



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