Bookkeeper Business Launch Review

Is Bookkeeper Business Launch a Scam or Worth It At $249?

Finding yourself stuck about the financial issues related to your business or freelance team? I think I know exactly what you should be looking for.

Read more about what I have to say as I answer whether the Bookkeeper Business Launch is a scam or a legitimate course for pros. 

With the pandemic still going on, you’re probably wondering if there are any other ways by which you can earn without putting yourself at risk. 

You see, there are actually several jobs out there, but not all of them are ideal for “at-risk” people. The good thing, however, is that there are also plenty of international remote jobs available online! 

These jobs, to your surprise, actually do pay a lot and can even earn you upwards of $100k a year! If you’re already a professional in the field, I bet you can easily a land work-from-home job that will match that salary.

easily the best way to make money online!

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However, suppose you are just a beginner or simply looking to jump into a new career. In that case, you can still give the online world a try by pursuing freelance opportunities or micro-tasks available from top sites like UpworkFiverrHive Work or Lionbridge.

Another thing that you can try out is to learn a new skill in some of the high-paying industries for remote workers. 

I, for one, have spent quite a lot of time recently upskilling and learning about computer software and data science by enrolling on a few crash courses and abusing all the free YouTube materials out there. 


What prompted me to do that? 🙂

Well, according to Indeeds’ latest report, a software consultant is one of the top-paying jobs, even without a degree in that field. 

That shows that companies are willing to spend on an employee with potential despite not having any working experience. 


This is because degrees are losing their value. 📉

Of course, having one in your resume is always a plus but based on what I can see on the latest hiring trends, HR practitioners are willing to even out the playing field so long as you have skills-based certificates related to your chosen job.


Want to become a developer? 🧠

A freelance copywriter? 🖊️

Or perhaps a social media influencer? 📱


Anything is possible as long as you put in the effort and invest as much time learning the ropes and slowly progressing from there. 


Now, suppose you’re interested in becoming a bookkeeper. 📚

In that case, I wrote this Bookkeeper Business Launch review so that you can better understand what this course is all about, and more importantly, find out whether you should spend your time and money on it.


Do you consider yourself a certified number-cruncher?

If you have always had a flair for computing and are interested in starting a profitable and legal business, this is the post for you. 

Before we dive into it, let me clarify that I am in no way, share, or form connected to the company, nor am I being sponsored to write this post. 

What you will read here is my honest recommendations and review on the course platform and nothing more. 

By the end of this review, I will also share my most recommended business model, which is, from my perspective, not as stressful as this one.

Now that that is out of the way, off we go!


Why Consider a Bookkeeper?

Before we start, I know that you’re probably asking yourself why is it that you need to learn bookkeeping and why companies need one. 

From the sound of it, I’m pretty sure both of us can agree that it doesn’t sound exciting at all, but did you know that on average, a certified freelance bookkeeper can earn between $25k to $30k per month as long as they have a high school diploma and impeccable computer skills?

Of course, you can earn more than that, too, since some private companies even give out bonuses or night differential rates. 

If you are even luckier, you can even find an employer to pay HMO benefits and government taxes, depending on your country. 

Is Bookkeeper Business Launch a scamNow, how much more can you get if you build a business around this highly-specialized niche right? 💭


If you are a business owner or a private contractor, hiring a bookkeeper is integral. They can help you with payroll information, cash flow checking, prepare invoices, prepare financial reports, and handle accounts. 

In this way, you’re left with plenty of time to focus on pushing your projects while ensuring that you have someone who will record and keep track of all the transactions for income and outgoings.


Bookkeeper Business Launch Review

Bookkeeper Business Launch has been in the industry for five years now, and they basically offer online educational courses and special training programs geared for various aspects of the business. 

The Bookkeeper Launch deals with lessons on starting your bookkeeping business, cyber security courses, Marketing Machine for landing more clients, the Bookkeeper Lab, and many other crash courses fit for the virtual economy.

From the way I see it, I think that entrepreneurs or small business owners should consider enrolling on these since it has a comprehensive list of lessons. Add to that is the fact that only a few companies actually develop courses on this one due to its complexity. 

There is no denying that there are other great courses out there that industry leaders create. However, the Bookkeeper Business Launch was developed by Ben Robinson, who holds under his belt a degree in accounting and business administration from the University of Arkansas. 

He also has a year of experience being a tax accountant, and a senior tax manager, along with a three-year experience as a CPA exam instructor and seven years of experience in the field of marketing. 

The company’s major aim is to create self-paced easy courses that are perfect for total beginners interested in bookkeeping. 

In an Entrepreneur interview, Ben stated that students don’t even need a degree in accounting or finance to land a career in bookkeeping. 

By enrolling on their course, you can get comprehensive modules that will empower you to become a highly-paid one in the industry even if you don’t have any prior experience.

Bookkeeper Business Launch ReviewI personally like their company because it is not filled with hyped stuff and, unlike other courses out there, it does not promise you that you will get a certain amount of clients after finishing it. 👌


It is much more credible than the advertisements of other businesses like those led by Vegas DaveBeau Crabill, and Shaw Academy.

You can take as much time to complete the basic Bookkeeper Business Launch course, but it only takes about 58 hours to finish. 

All you have to do is go to their website and check out the course on your virtual cart based on the course version you want. 

The Pro version comes with the full course, resource library access, members-only community, and bonus e-books. It costs $249 for a 12-month payment or $2499 if paid in full. 

The Premier version comes with all the items listed on the Pro Version, plus group coaching sessions, open mic sessions, and additional lessons led by Ben Robinson himself. 


It’s priced at $299 for a 12-month payment or $2999 in full. 💰

Lastly, the Team version comes with all the items listed on the Premier plus, the marketing machine lesson, the OPP discussion, exclusive access to a special “elite” community, and two knowledge licenses for your company. 


It’s valued at $499 for a 12-month payment or $4999 in full. 💰

To be honest, I have tried several courses, and the pricing range for this is already at the minimum. 

It is not as cheap as what you can find from LinkedIn or Udemy, but I think it is worth it since I do not think Ben is after sales. 

He appears to be more interested in the idea of helping other people create a career for themselves, which is highly appreciated. 

If you find yourself a bit disappointed about the content of the course, you can easily get a refund through their 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Bookkeeper Business Launch Reviews

The whole company doesn’t even employ a lot of marketing towards their course, but they seem to attract people, and I’m quite sure it has to do with the quality of their course. 

They have social media followers, but they are not as big as other educational companies. For instance, their Instagram account only has 7k followers, 48 on YouTube, and 58k on Facebook.

While their numbers on social media are on a so-so level, you will be glad to know that they have a very positive set of reviews from customers. 

BBB accredits them, and upon checking, they have a 4.96-star review from 249 customers, making it possible for them to have an A+ rating. 

The company also has a 5-star review under Indeed online certifications with highly positive sentiments about the users’ courses.

So, this probably makes you wonder how exactly do people see the company, right? Well, here are the themes based on the customer reviews available on BBB and YouTube videos: 👇

The course website is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, even if you are not accustomed to using e-platforms. 

Is Bookkeeper Business Launch LegitimateThey capitalize on using a chunking technique to see the skills you are developing every lesson visually. Once you finish a particular skill, you can get a badge! So, this somehow helps in motivating people. ⭐


While the company states that they have “resources”, this is the first time seeing actual ones you can use in your profession! 

It comes with cheat sheets, pricing calculators, proposal templates, and many other files available to download anytime. 

The course is thorough and extremely on point giving students more information than they can ever imagine. 


The best part about it? 😊

Everything is just in one place, meaning that you don’t have to go and do your research as you can simply use the available (updated) resources.

They also have gateway courses that you need to pass and accomplish before moving on to the next lesson.

The legal lunch is a surprising addition (to all types of course versions), and it means that you can attend a professional webinar and ask your questions directly to a lawyer. (which is pretty awesome) 

The company has a private Bookkeeper Business Launch Facebook group so that students can interact anytime.


Is Bookkeeper Business Launch a Scam?

Let’s cut to the chase! The Bookkeeper Business Launch is legit and is worth every penny wherever you are in the world.

I’m honestly not too fond of the idea that the Bookkeeper Business Launch is a scam since they do provide a comprehensive discussion, including four modules and six units. 

Please note that by the time you try out and enrol, the number of units may change since they are constantly updating the content to respond to the changing needs in finance.

They do not work like the IOA, where they are more focused on selling the courses without checking if you thoroughly understood the content. 

Do not get me wrong, IOA gives quizzes too, but they are pretty basic and can be searched online. 

For Bookkeeper Business Launch’ case, they gauge your understanding by giving complex questions, as if you’re attending the academy. 

More importantly, the Bookkeeper Business Launch explains everything from what to expect, the financial statements, ethics and law governing the duty of a bookkeeper, the basics on cash flows, income statements, liabilities and equities, assets, and so much more! 

The lessons are easy to navigate and were developed by the CPAs, Lawyers, and Bookkeeping experts.


How I Make A Living Online

Still thinking that the price for the course is a bit too much?

I can help you fund your bookkeeping journey by introducing you to the business model that has kept me afloat and allowed me to explore the world without ever worrying about my financial status.

It has nothing to do with the stock market, nor does it dwell on freelancing side hustles.

The business line that I’ll share in just a second works perfectly well, and it remains to be one of my most favourite ones out there as it’s %100 legitimate and can seriously boost your income, depending on how dedicated and hardworking you are.

Please feel free to leave this page if you think that I’m just another “guru” that’s trying to sell you on yet another overpromising, underdelivering, done-for-you system that will make you an overnight success story.


Bookkeeper Business Launch ReviewsIf you’re somewhat familiar with me, you must know that I hate those types of claims and that they’re nothing more than well thought of lies. 🙃👎


If this is the first time you’ve come upon this blog, let me introduce myself by having you read mine about page.

I don’t want to stall this any further, so what I suggest you do is have a look at my money guide as it clearly explains everything there is to know about my line of business.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best guidebooks you’ll come across, and I want to offer you a helping hand just in case you have any questions.

To give you a quick summary, the business model that I’ll be talking about is called affiliate marketing, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s by far one of the best ways to get started online.


The way it works is quite simple.

You recommend various products and services to people online and get paid every time someone purchases from you.

The people you recommend the products to are likely to buy from you since they’re highly interested in them, as discussed in my money guide.


Excuse my language, but screw a 9-5 job.

If you’re resolute in achieving financial freedom and well determined to establish a true source of passive that will work for you around the clock, then this is exactly what you should be looking into.

If you find yourself stuck, you can simply reach out to me by commenting anywhere on this blog. I’ll likely see it and reply to your comment anywhere between 12-24 hours.

When it’s all said and done, it’s you who has the final say, and I’m just here to ensure you’re comfortable with whatever you choose.

As I end this post, I hope that I was able to give you the most comprehensive explanation and answer the question of whether the Bookkeeper Business Launch is a scam or entirely worth it at $249.

If you enjoyed this, feel free to share this on social media and support my advocacy of helping people get the best available opportunities. 👋



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